Mattyofit Has Paved A New Path

Mattyofit, born Matheus Oliveria, is an independent and talented artist who is currently based out of Miami, Florida. The artist got his love for music unexpectedly but has been hooked ever since. Mattyofit has always been an athlete and had a passion for fitness, but every time he worked out he would make sure to blast music to get himself in the right headspace.

He would often be caught rapping out loud to himself during sets and slowly realized that music was just as important to him as the workouts themselves. This sparked a fire in him and he decided to start making his own music on the side while in school.

Mattyofit was given a blessing in disguise when he was kicked out of school for attending a social gathering during COVID. This seemed like a harsh punishment from the school, but he turned it into an opportunity to create music full time and really focus on his goals.

He ignored the chatter around him from people who thought he was crazy for pursuing his passion and carried on. He linked up with Marucs432 when he moved to Miami who now produces and engineers all of his music and now has had huge success.

Mattyofit wants his fans to follow in his footsteps and understand they are capable of achieving their wildest dreams if they really set their mind to it. He outlines his day to day in his new song ‘Matty O’ which is dedicated to the everyday grind which leads to success.

Fans are able to get a glimpse into the daily life of Mattyofit through this song and hopefully will get inspired to make moves of their own. Mattyofit just released a new single ‘Part of Life’. This track brings him to a more vulnerable place. This song is dedicated to his younger brothers who he has not been able to be involved with in the ways he’d like due to family issues.

This song is made to reach them and help them grow as individuals through the lessons he has learned throughout his life. Fans will get to see different sides of Mattyofit with these releases this summer and will not only learn more about his versatility as an artist but will also be inspired to go after their dreams. Check out ‘Part of Life’ on Spotify now! To follow along with Mattyofit’s journey, make sure you follow his Instagram!

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