How to Meditate Your Way to Millions

If someone had told me that I would be writing an article on meditation and money a few years ago, I probably would have looked at them weirdly, laughed and posted about them on social media.

And there’s the thing. If you’re into rapid self development, you look back and see a completely different version of yourself.

Take facebook’s ‘on this day’ post that whisks you back three years and you think to yourself ‘did I really post that?’. Yep, been there a few times.

Heck, my king Charles cavalier puppy is even called Buddha. I never thought I would own a dog, let alone name it after a spiritual teacher.

So let’s wind back a few years. I think it’s important to put this post into context for you so that you really understand that I truly do mean it when I say I believe you can meditate your way to millions, and potentially into a Ferrari. Actually, that shot was taken on my black 458 in La Jolla, California. I thought it was quite fitting for this post.

Let’s wind back to 2012. I was in a pretty tough place in my life. I had about $50k worth of debt, much of which was linked to gambling and drugs. I was really living two lives.

I had been a personal trainer since 2005. By day I was helping people get fit, and by the weekend, a DJ and crazy party-goer. My life was on autopilot, and I was really unaware of what I was doing to myself and to the people around me.

The turning point was one Christmas. I had been out partying heavily on xmas eve and was due to be at my sister’s house at 11am on xmas day. I had been popping pills and a cocktail of all sorts of drugs that night. I was a mess that morning.

I looked in the mirror, and my eyes were bulging. I was still high. I turned up at my sister’s house, spent a few minutes talking and ended up in my nephew’s bed on Christmas day unable to operate.

I left that day completely ashamed of myself. About a month later, I had a massive ‘calling’ to basically sort my shit out.

The key turning point was me packing my bags and moving away from where I had been brought up—Exeter, United Kingdom—and moving to Bristol, UK.

I changed my environment, and this started to help me. But I still had a lot of issues. My beliefs, my thoughts, my identity, didn’t match who I knew I was deep inside. I had to figure it out, and meditation was going to play a huge role in my success.

The Mentors

Just like in Joseph Cambell’s famous hero’s journey, mentors played a huge role in my success and in kick starting my spiritual and emotional growth.

With $50k of debt, I had about $7,0000 left available on one more card—I had 7 maxed out—and I handed over $5000, the first part of of a $30,000 investment that I had no idea how I would pay. But I was to make every single payment without fail.

This investment really helped me to find my strength in business, and I started to work with personal trainers to get more clients, leverage their time and market themselves. I started to get amazing results.

But, at this time, while I was making more and more money, I was still drinking and otherwise self sabotaging. I was deeply unhappy.

This is where I made a key decision. I committed to reinvest about 20% of what I generated back into me.

One of the toughest decisions I made was to invest in Tony Robbins‘ Platinum Partnership. This would allow me to hang out with Tony in more intimate settings, one of which being India, the home of meditation and spiritual development.

At the time, this was a $65,000 investment, plus travel and trip costs, so comes out to about $150,000, especially if you are flying business class—which I had decided to do for long haul trips to get more work done and be more productive or sleep!

While I had been meditating for some time prior to this move, it was the trip to India and a post event trip to the Oneness University that really opened my eyes into a whole new dimension of spiritual growth.

Here I was to experience and really start to go deep within myself—to start clearing out past issues that had led me to self sabotage, and to create a destructive lifestyle. I didn’t want to generate new financial strength and then go and mess it all up.

As the layers started to be pulled back, I started to grow as a man. I started making meditation a daily non negotiable practice, and the results in my business started to show.

Because I was more centered, more calm, I started to make better decisions. I started to make quicker decisions. I started to tap into my intuition.

I would meditate and then come up with product ideas and blog content. When I was stressed, I would meditate and ask quality questions to remove blocks. 

The more I did this, the more I would be raw on social media, and this started connecting me with my audience. I started to become the go-to guy in the fitness business mentoring space in the UK and then it started to go globally.

One of the big shifts I made was starting to touch more and more about mindset and its importance in generating results. This would then create more and more powerful case studies.

My meditation practice went from using apps like Calm and Headspace—both great beginner apps—to going deep really quickly and using my state shifts to create shifts in others.

At one event in the UK, I had a large part of a room breaking down in tears and creating breakthroughs through a guided meditation. During this meditation, I asked questions around forgiveness, mission and purpose. This, to me, was hugely fulfilling .

I think that there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who are disconnected from themselves, and that’s why i found it hugely useful for me to master meditation to help my business and my mission.

It’s an integral part of my life, my business and my mission and it’s certainly generated millions of dollar0s in business. I can safely say that my business would not be where it is today if it wasn’t for meditation.

Today, my daily meditation practice changes depending on what I have going on in my life.

Now I meditate and get myself to a place where I feel the feelings of already owning the things I want and helping the people I want to help.

There’s so much talk about money and meditation on their own, but few conversations about how to marry both together so that you can be more connected to your business and financially benefit.  

As we grow spiritually, we have a great opportunity to take our business to the next level, and it’s my secret weapon. If you make it a daily, non-negotiable routine, i’m pretty certain it will have the same results for you too!

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