Meet Licenced Wild Animal Keeper Reece Oliver who Starred in the ITV Documentary Britain’s Tiger Kings with Ross Kemp

The man is known for housing two African lions and a puma in his back garden much to the opposition of neighbors had been in the news of late.

The life of Britain’s wildlife enthusiasts who look after these over 250 kg beasts was revealed in a two-part documentary series by Ross Kemp, the EastEnders-star-turned-documentary-maker, who covered some of the country’s exotic animal owners in his series.

The most interesting one that got noticed in the documentary was Reece Oliver from Strelley, Nottinghamshire, who rescued two African lion cubs, named Rocky and Rora, from a Czech Republic circus in February 2019, and relocated them in his back garden. The 29-year-old’s visuals getting up close and personal with his pet lions were a treat to watch. Apart from these two lions, Oliver also houses a puma.

Though Oliver has taken utmost security measures and taken care to see that the animals are housed in a secured environment not causing any inconvenience to the neighboring areas, the villagers have not taken this easy and have expressed concern about their well-being, and several complaints have been raised in the past to relocate the wild beasts to another location.

“These animals are raised in captivity and releasing them in the wild would endanger their lives as they won’t be able to survive. Instead, I’m planning to create a natural habitat for them right here in my backyard to give them the best life,” says the wildlife enthusiast when asked about his refusal to relocate the wild cats elsewhere.

Oliver is licensed by the local council to have exotic animals and has several permits in place to house them. “There are plans to expand their enclosures and all the details have been chalked out accordingly,” says Oliver.

According to him, private keepers are a way ahead in keeping these animals in a better state than zoos, where there’s quantity, but the quality is largely missing.

Under private supervision, the animals get more attention and care, more security, better benefits, and facilities than spaces that house a number of wild animals like zoos or sanctuaries. He’s working hard to give these beasts the best life and has many supporters backing him for his cause.

Know more about him on Instagram: @reeceoliver_official.

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