Mehul Parashar – Standing Up for the Righteous Causes in India

Mehul Parashar

There are many righteous causes in India and numerous individuals fighting for them to help the general population. One such reputed person is Mehul Parashar, the President of Delhi Youth Akhil Bharat Varshiya Brahman Mahasabha Reg.

Mehul was born and brought up in Delhi and has completed his schooling from this Indian national capital city. Moreover, he pursued higher studies from Shyamlal College, Delhi University, until he graduated. Besides this, he also has Bachelor’s degree in law.

The reputed politician has a versatile background starting with Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Basti Pramukh in 2013. The next year, the University of Delhi appointed him as a Sports Secretary, and he also became the elected councilor of a student union election.

Moreover, he was not contested against as an elected councilor. Until 2018, Mehul made his journey as District Coordinator at Zila Sanyojak, ABVP, and Vibhag Sah-Sanyojak, ABVP. In 2018, he became the State Executive Member, ABVP.

The social activist is fighting for causes like cleanliness and awareness about government policies and schemes. His primary focus is to educate Indian citizens about the availability of free toilets through Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

Moreover, Mehul preaches about social and sanitary awareness through his different skills. His noticeable characteristics include public speaking, presentation, conflict resolution, problem-solving, listening, and creating collaborations.

Mehul believes that improving the hygiene and sanitary conditions in the present would deeply impact the future. Moreover, he believes that cleanliness drives can help to improve the health of the present and future Indian population.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus lockdown reduced his drives; however, it didn’t affect his passion. Therefore, Mehul continued providing guidelines and informing about schemes through his social media profiles.

Besides these awareness campaigns, Mehul continued his cleanliness drives across different regions of his hometown Delhi. As a social activist, he feels responsible for serving society through available means.

Mehul considers the world as his family and wants to make his family members happier and healthier. But he started his initiative in Delhi because he believes in the notion that “charity begins from home.”

The cleanliness drives conducted by Mehul brought environmental beauty into the limelight across different regions in Delhi. Their publicity on social media channels helped Mehul achieve similar results across different regions of the nation and abroad.

Moreover, visitors notice the improved conditions and have made several social media posts about environmental beauty. Additionally, the awareness campaigns helped Indians to avail free toilets and improve sanitary health.

Indian citizens also became more learned about other government schemes that can improve their living conditions. However, the effect of improved sanitary health is also improving the environment.

Visitors no longer find human defecation in areas that have free toilets through the Swach Bharat Abhiyan. Additionally, these toilets help to avoid onlookers and avail a private space in a public region.

Moreover, women have started feeling more secure about using these toilets instead of finding a space outdoors. The availability of free toilets also provides relief against sticking to a schedule for completing human defecation.

So, people can visit them during the evening and nights too. Additionally, the caretakers ensure that the toilets remain clean and no longer required to cover the defecation. Besides this, it avoids the chances of unknowingly walking over human excreta on common grounds.

Therefore, cleanliness drives and awareness campaigns led by Mehul Parashar are proving more than beneficial to Indians. Besides this, people across nations have become inspired to avail free government schemes that offer such relief and benefits. His efforts even get noticed by the travel and tourism industry.

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