MeiraJ Haq – Rising Face of Pakistan’s Showbiz Industry

Meiraj Haq (born in Rawalpindi on 10 November 1991) is a Pakistani actor, Filmmaker, and Vlogger. He is an alumnus of the New York Film Academy and studied from the George Mason University – A well-established and learned personality. 

After coming back to Pakistan he made Imran Khan’s official election documentary for the 2018 elections which either Al Jazeera or BBC makes every year. Meiraj has directed music videos for rap artists called Osama Com Laude (Chaklala Scheming). During all this time, he started vlogging on Youtube as well.

The Start of Acting Career

Meiraj began his acting career on television from the very famous drama serial titled Sabaat. He plays the character of Dr. Murad in the serial and became the audiences’ sweetheart from the drama role, and was hailed for his acting skills and style.

Meiraj devoted all his time and energy to the venture, which came out as a bang within the public. Everybody adored and loved, the show as well as the acting skills of the actor. Meiraj is praised by individuals as he balances the work by taking care of different interests and substance along.

A Fine Artist

Meiraj Haq is one of the most handsome and good-looking actors in the industry along with his earthly nature. The actor can easily be a part of any popular drama we could think of. Moreover, the actor is considered a fairly fine artist in every field he is a part of. 

Unlike other content creators on social platforms, Meiraj is basic and sophisticated. His inclination and his point of view towards the world make him stand apart from his companions. Alongside his profession, Meiraj has a spirit of moderate refinement, solidifying worldwide patterns and purity.

Portrayal of Loving Nature

His charming looks and earthly nature is praised on-screen as well as off-screen. The way he conveys his gratitude to his fans and viewers makes him more ideal among the people. The fans rush to him for the work he does, and the position he has created in the public arena. Investing his precious time and energy in his work made him one of the prominent rising stars of Pakistani showbiz.

The actor portrays his real friendly and fun-loved side on social media. With his content, pictures, and adorable stories on his Instagram profile, he is continuously winning hearts of his viewers. His vlogs on Youtube are really fun to watch. 

Undoubtedly, Meiraj Haq is the future rising entertainment, everyone would love to see him in upcoming projects. 

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