Michael Portone and His Company Endless Supply Are Surging to the Top of the Resale Game

People commonly referred to as “Sneaker Heads” are fiends for the latest trends and styles of iconic shoes that come out in small quantities. One of the largest flex’s known to sneaker junkies is getting the newest pair of sneakers, especially before they are even released in-store or online.

Chicago, Illinois native Michael Portone is taking the resale game to levels it has never been before. Michael is the owner of Endless Supply, an online sneaker resale store known for having all the latest releases in every single size. That’s almost unheard of due to the sneaker resale game gaining so much popularity in the last couple of years, but Portone has done it. Not only does he get every pair in every size, but a majority of the time, he gets them even before they drop. These two critical points of business have helped Michael grow his business significantly in a short period of time.

It is no longer necessary as a customer to sit online and wait for your favorite shoe to drop, only to be faced with disappointment when it would sell out in seconds. Even though that is the cheapest way to get a pair of shoes, there is always the option to buy from a reseller. Reselling shoes has been a side hustle for many people and has gained popularity over the last couple of years with the surge of the internet and e-commerce stores.

Although the internet has helped the industry grow, that doesn’t mean sneaker reselling is easy to get into. It is widespread, especially nowadays, to see people using “bots” to finesse their way into getting some of the latest drops, which automatically puts the average consumer at a considerable disadvantage. “Bots” are something that Portone prides himself on not using, and instead, he navigates the industry through his real-life connections that help him get his hands on these desirable sneakers. He admits that when he first got into reselling, it was sometimes hard to sell the shoes as they are a rare luxury to have, but it is a business at the end of the day, so there isn’t much of an option.

Michael Portone knows what it takes to run a successful business and shows no signs of slowing down. He follows a “proud, but never satisfied” mantra, which keeps him striving to be a better version of himself and striving to run a better business. Michael will continue to build upon what he has already created with Endless Supply to take the company a step further. It’s only a matter of time before Michael Portone, and Endless Supply become the best resellers in the industry.

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