Microsoft Azure Announces Partnership with Adobe

In the cloud computing race, Microsoft and Adobe just announced a massive partnership for Adobe to deliver its cloud services on Microsoft Azure. In addition, Adobe will be the preferred marketing service for Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Enterprise CRM solution.

Azure is calling Microsoft its “preferred cloud platform” for: Adobe Marketing Cloud, Document Cloud and Creative Cloud. Shantanu Narayen, president and CEO of Adobe, delivered this statement:

Customers today expect a well-designed, personalized and consistent experience every time they engage with a brand. Adobe and Microsoft will bring together the cloud horsepower and end-to-end capabilities brands need to design and deliver great digital experiences.

It is unclear if Adobe will continue to run its own data centers. This is another win for Microsoft similar to their deal with Facebook for Office 365 and HPE for Dynamics CRM. Although, some of Adobe’s subscription services for creative professionals are still hosted on Amazon’s AWS.

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