Mike Touzard Talks About Empowering Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Imagine starting your first business at 15 years, creating an award-winning app at 18, and being so successful that you’re accepted into the Forbes Business Council, an invitation-only organization for successful entrepreneurs, at 24 years. It seems almost impossible, but that is the life of Mike Touzard, an Israeli entrepreneur.

Touzard was born in Brussels, Belgium, in 1995, and went on to study in various high schools in places like Belgium, Congo (DRC,) and Israel. The self-taught entrepreneur did not attend college – he instead taught himself and had the help of his mentors. At 15, he bought ten laser pointers and sold them on eBay. On the back of that first successful sale, he scaled up and sold thousands of the pointers on eBay, Amazon, PriceMinister, and his website. He later opened different e-stores on various platforms and sold thousands of gadgets, from phone cases to remote controls.

He has started, grown, and even sold various companies, but his current venture in Medakit, selling rapid COVID-19 test kits, has propelled him to the top of his game. The antibody tests use blood samples and a tiny device to measure antibody response to the virus and gives results within 15 minutes. The tests have already been tested and approved by the world-renowned Institut Pasteur in Paris and have also been approved for use in Brazil. The tests have become so popular that the French Army ordered thousands of them. Touzard is now launching a new kind of game-changing test, called antigens tests, and this will revolutionize testing as we know it.

With all this success, Touzard says that his dream is to help others to be just as successful. The most important thing when establishing a business, according to Touzard, is to be fearless. One of the biggest hurdles people face is overcoming the fear of starting the business. According to him, you should not be scared of the unknown. Overcoming the fear of starting is just the beginning; the tests of a fearless entrepreneur are constant, from starting a conversation with a potential investor to signing business deals. You should also understand your target market well and have products and effective marketing that targets their needs. Do not create random products without knowing your target market. Most important, you should ensure that both your products and customer service are topnotch in order to have repeat customers.

You don’t need millions of dollars to start a business, as Touzard has shown us. Start small, like he did, and grow your business into an empire.

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