Mindfulness Is Awareness

Mindfulness is a state where people try to be aware of what they are feeling and sensing at the moment, without letting judgment interfere with their thoughts. The people who wish to be more mindful take part in practices such as guided imagery, breathing techniques, and several others that help relax the mind and body, reducing stress.

Few people, such as Christopher Dines, know how important mindfulness is for the human mind because they have struggled hard in their lives to achieve this state of consciousness.

Born on the 19th of August 1983, in London Borough of Harrow, north-west London, Dines is of Kenyan and English-Irish heritage. Dines is a British mindfulness author and teacher who has recovered from addiction being more mindful in his life.

He has acquired education from the Stanborough independent primary school in Watford and Pinner Park middle school in Harrow. He had also attended Nower Hill high school in Pinner but left when he was only fifteen.

In his adulthood, he studied the history of science and Ancient Greece from Professor Piers Bursill-Hall. Professor Terry Grundy also played a crucial role in guiding his education.

Having experienced the struggle of conquering addiction, Dines turned towards helping others. He did so by holding seminars, workshops, school talks, retreats, and corporate events. In doing this, he has helped individuals reduce their stress levels to improve their serenity and well-being. 

Despite being a house DJ, promoter, and producer from 1994 to 2006, Dines has moved away from the world of music and is now writing non-fiction and fiction books.

In life, it is important to make use of mindfulness practices as they help increase one’s ability to regulate emotions and even decrease anxiety, stress, and depression. People do not realize it, but it is extremely important to cultivate mindfulness in personal and professional life.

This is because it gives people the strength to be objective, which is important because humans are more likely to engage in self-focused thoughts when they should be striving towards objectivity instead.

Having fought addiction himself, Dines has struggled hard in his life to achieve a state of mindfulness. He is a workshop facilitator and an author who helps people enhance their serenity and emotional well-being and even reduce their stress.

Dines offers people a way to gently and lovingly approach deep soul-searching and recovery in his books. He has his own story of addiction to inspire people to be more mindful and discover the creative roads that lead to self-realization and emotional well-being.

Through his struggles with depression, anxiety, and numbing out, Dines has found some powerful tools that he has shared with his readers.

There are several ways in which mindfulness helps people. First and foremost, all of the mindfulness practices enable one to filter through the chaos of the mind to better understand what is really important. When one gains clarity on what is important, it becomes possible for one to do less, in little time, achieving more productivity.

Dines has illustrated that the solution to life’s problems lies in practicing it by motivating people to practice mindfulness. His life is an example of how one can conquer complex issues such as addiction by being more mindful.

Apart from being an accomplished author, Dines has demonstrated a profound love for music all his life, where he left school at the age of fifteen to pursue a career as a house DJ. He was only in his teens when he DJ’ed on London’s 103.6 Flex FM. Not just this, but he also promoted two British bands as well, namely, DJ Deekline & MC Hyperactive and The Genius Cru, for almost two years.

Dines DJ’ing career also acquired him great success. The career has taken him to places like Europe and Asia, where he has traveled extensively, but it spiraled his drug use out of control no matter how thrilling the DJ’ing experience was for him.

The career led him to cocaine and alcohol addiction. However, in 2004, Dines cleaned up when he was only twenty-one years old and when he started doing some soul searching.

It was his addiction that led Dines to explore the path to self-realization and emotional well-being. However, self-realization and improved emotional well-being were achieved only through the help of mentors and self-education.

The thing worth noting about Dines is that he has been able to achieve mindfulness in the most unconventional way possible. Overall, he has worked extremely hard to achieve a state where he can be more mindful of his life and choices. However, the unique thing about Dines is that he is imparting his knowledge, which makes him an exceptional individual.

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