Mohit Mangotra is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

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Mohit Mangotra is a talented young musical artist from Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir. With his dreams to be a popular singer blooming from a young age, Mohit Mangotra has overcome several hurdles to pursue his goal of ruling the world with his musical charms.

In class VIII, Mohit’s musical career finally kicked off. He took participated in a competition called Sham-e-Ghazal. The results weren’t satisfactory but he did not give up. He believed in his music and kept practising with consistency. He was devoted to music, but life was not easy for him. He faced several hurdles.

When Mohit was a student of the 10th Standard, he went through several personal problems. His family’s situation was poor and he even did not manage to pass his 10th Boards examinations. But even after all these hindrances, the boy did not give up. He faced the challenges head-on and accepted them. He did not lose hope and that was his greatest win.

Mohit Mangotra started his official training in professional singing by watching and listening to various singers and musical artists on the internet. He listened to their vocal techniques carefully and tried to imitate them. He was intrigued by all sorts of musical genres like Indian classical music, Ghazal, Western music, light melodies and even folk songs.

He tried his best to solidify his basics in music without any proper teacher or guidance. He did not receive any particular musical coaching either. All he learned about music was on his own because he was truly passionate about it. He knew that practice, dedication and perseverance would be the ultimate keys to realizing his dreams and that he would taste the sweet fruits of his hard work one day.

As Mohit grew up, he thought about backup career options. He got fascinated by the world of digital marketing and wanted to learn the art of that particular field. However, as his family’s economic situation continued to stay poor, he could not afford to invest in that field of work anymore and had to give it up. But luckily, he never had to sacrifice his love for music.

Mohit Mangotra has managed to carry on his singing career despite all these hardships. Today he has won all of them over to become a successful singer with the most versatile abilities. As they say, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way”, and Mohit’s story proves it. It inspires millions of people with big dreams struggling to full theirs and it establishes the power of dedication, hard work and commitment. Truly, Mohit Mangotra’s journey to success deserves recognition and is sure to inspire millions of others to reach for their goals.

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