Mone Symone: The Story

If you’re a hip-hop head, odds are your favorite female rappers are the Cardi Bs, the Doja Cats, Nickis, and some of the other wildly popular mainstream names.

Chances are there are also some less popular names on your playlists, doing the trick for you when you want to escape or just chill.

These are the hidden gems of the industry – the ones you can vouch for their ingenuity but are yet to become mainstream – Mone Symone, the music sensation from Chicago sits somewhere in the middle of these two categories. Chances are you probably never heard about her, and you will. Now.

Who is Mone Symone?

Mone is a rapper, singer, entrepreneur, community organizer, and civil rights advocate from Chicago. While her name is yet to be on everyone’s lips, the young woman has seen such a meteoric rise recently that we can’t help but notice.

Mone’s phenomenal rise has been superbly impressive.

And somehow, she’s managed to juggle her responsibilities of being a single mother with running a successful business and a blossoming music career, all at once

But Mone didn’t have it all on a platter. Her story is one of pure grit and determination; one so inspiring it could motivate even the most faithless among us.

The story began in Chicago when…

Mone was born Simone Kimborough a few decades ago.

If there was one thing about those early days, it would be the fact she discovered her passion early on and had been performing at multiple singing and modeling competitions since she was just 10 years old.

But Mone’s dreams of pursuing a career in music came to a crashing halt when she got pregnant at just 19. She went on a hiatus for a while as she had to deal with the challenge of being a single mother while she was only barely figuring out her way in the music industry.

Mone would recall that period as “the lowest point of my entire life.”

From being discouraged and off the mic for an extended period, Mone ventured into businesses to test her entrepreneurial prowess.

Entrepreneurship marked the beginning of a new phase in Mone’s life.

She’s had great success in her ventures and in 2020, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and fought her way back to her first love – music. Just last year, she released her comeback single, a bop titled ‘New Thang,’ to which the visuals were just released recently ( listen to ‘New Thang’ on Spotify; check here for New Thang Video).

Becoming Mone Symone

Mone’s experiences and life events are expressed in her candid and melodic lyrics.

She’s the type of rapper that can deliver a soulful song one week (check out Need Somebody) and then drop a hood anthem like the New Thang the next week. Mone’s versatility and her chemistry with her producer, DJ Frankie French, have helped push her career further.

Together, they’ve organized showcases and events, built her team, and done deals. On what her journey has been like, Mone poured her heart out in an intimate interview with Voyage ATL. when asked whether she’d had it easy, Mone has this to say;

“No, it hasn’t been a smooth road. I’ve had my bumps in the road before I made it to where I am now! I’ve had to battle homelessness, depression, abusive relationships, and disappointments. There were times where I felt like giving up.”

As soon as I wanted to give up, I thought about my daughter and my family. I wanted so badly to be successful so that I could move them out of the hood and give my daughter the life that I never had. The one thing that plays in my head is, “Do it alone, do it broke, do it scared, just freaking do it!”

Success indeed did not come easy for Mone, nor anyone else.

While she’s had significant success, Mone’s not one to forget her roots. As an artist/talent manager, she’s actively scouting young talents to help guide them to stardom. And she’s also using her voice and platform to advance issues that matter to her community.

Mone’s life and experiences are documented in some of her yet-to-be-released music.

While she has managed to push through adversities in her personal life and succeeded, she’s now also making a mark in a male-dominated rap scene. Mone’s story is inspiring with a capital ‘I’ and it’s only just begun. You’ll definitely want to watch out for her.



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