Natural Superfoods That Are Backed By Science

The term “superfood” is thrown around a lot online, in grocery stores, and in gyms, but what foods are actually deserving of this superpowered label?

There’s no doubt that some foods are more nutritionally dense and healthier than others, but only a handful of ingredients take things to a whole different level of quality.

Here are a few of the world’s greatest natural superfoods, backed by science. 

Leafy Greens

From spinach and kale to swiss chard and collards, these dark, leafy greens are packed with more nutrients than you can imagine. 

Just a small bunch of greens can check all your boxes for essential vitamins and minerals, and leave you feeling light and refreshed. 

Eat these greens raw in a salad, or steam them in a pan with some olive oil and garlic for a huge blast of immunity-boosting nutrients.

Whole Grains

Carbs get a bad rap these days, but if you choose the right ones, they can give you sustained energy throughout the day. Delicious and nutrient-dense, whole grains are definitely a superfood.

Unprocessed products are always the best, so avoid the bread and pasta made from enriched white flour. 

Level up your meals with ancient grains like barley, quinoa, and wild rice to add some more variety and keep things interesting. 

Wild Caught Salmon

Chicken and beef may be more commonplace, but for just a few more dollars per pound, you get a ton of extra health benefits from salmon, especially the wild-caught variety.

With tons of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and a delicious silky flavor and texture, this is one of the planet’s certified superfoods, so don’t miss out. Try different healthy side dishes with your salmon to round out the perfect meal.

Organic Eggs

Some say the jury is still out on the health benefits and drawbacks of eggs, but there’s no doubt these little superfood jewels make you feel strong and vibrant after eating them.

In each egg, you get tons of protein, a bit of fat, and no carbs. That’s in addition to plenty of amazing micronutrients. 

Scramble your eggs, fry them up individually, make a hearty omelet, or hard-boil a dozen in advance so you always have a healthy snack on hand.

If cholesterol is a concern, just ditch the yolks and make your favorite recipe with only the egg whites. 

Nuts and Seeds

With carbs and proteins taken care of, it’s time to talk about fat. 

No diet is complete without a solid percentage of healthy fat, and nuts and seeds are an easy, tasty fat source you can snack on throughout the day.

Whether you prefer almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds, or pine nuts, there are endless options to choose from at your local organic grocery store. Just go for the unsalted version if you want to maximize the health benefits. 

Olive Oil

Whether you’re preparing veggies, proteins, or pasta, olive oil is going to make everything taste better, and add a huge array of health benefits in the meantime.

While some processed olive oils are less than ideal, the extra virgin olive oil you find on the top shelf is one of the greatest superfoods on the planet. 

In each teaspoon, you get nothing but healthy, clean, monosaturated fats that strengthen your heart, fight bacteria and inflammation, and give your body a solid source of energy that can’t be matched by any other vegetable oil.

According to the pros over at, this ancient ingredient can also combat cancer, improve gut health, and benefit our skin. In terms of versatility and wide-ranging ability, olive oil takes the prize as the ultimate natural superfood.

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