Why You Need to Sell a Lifestyle—Not a Product

Selling a lifestyle will help you close more sales than actually selling a product. These days, thanks to social media, everyone wants to be rich. We follow people like Tom Brady, Dan Bilzerian, and a slew of others who have worked their asses off to become successful in life. We want the results of their hard work.

But a lot of folks just aren’t interested in the hard work part.

I’ve followed guys like Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and Gary V for years now, and I have noticed all three have a trait in common that’s made them successful.

They’re not necessarily selling a product.

They’re not selling a digital product. They’re not selling sales training, affiliate marketing or books. But what they are selling is the opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle similar to theirs.

When these guys roll around in their fancy cars and hang out in their huge mansions, even though what that they might be saying on camera is relevant, intelligent, and helpful, the average person is studying the lifestyle they live. Viewers are saying, “I’d like to have that lifestyle. I want to model this person, so I can ultimately have the same end result for my life.” You never hear these guys really pitch products. Even on their webinars, they position themselves to the people watching as if what they have is attainable. “This could be yours.”

You’ll note excellent takeaways if you follow them closely. Watch their entire process, and you will learn their strategy and why it works. These guys are some of the most popular business gurus in all of social media, and when you pay attention, they will reveal to you what the populace wants. If they’re the most popular and it’s working for them, don’t fight it.

I’ve been saying this for years: people want the hole, not the drill. You see, a lot of times, salespeople try to sell the drill. But what people really want is the hole. I use this analogy with my mortgage clients all the time. People don’t want a mortgage, they want a house. They don’t want a realtor or investor, they want the profits that come from flipping a house. I tell people working in insurance that their clients are not looking for an insurance policy. They simply don’t want to go to jail or be broke in the event a catastrophe happens.

But often, people get focused on selling the insurance, on selling the mortgages, on selling the real estate, instead of selling the result and the lifestyle that comes along with it. To use the example of real estate, people only move for a finite number of reasons: relocation, families expanding, families contracting, empty nesters, kids going off to college, retiring, upsizing, downsizing, and so on and so forth.

An event has altered their lifestyle that’s causing them to move. Once you understand what it is, that’s in their life right at that moment, and you position yourself as the key to them having that lifestyle, true sales will be made.

Let’s be real. Nobody, including me, wants to work hard. Working hard is a result of what you see in my life—the super cars and living in a nice neighborhood, trips all over the country and the world, etc. But no one wants the hard work.

Hard work separates the average person from getting the result, and from having the lifestyle they crave.

If you sell cars for a reason, the cars are not important. It’s the lifestyle that goes along with owning that type of car that matters to the consumer.

So, if you want to make more sales, especially if you’re a social media personality, coach or mentor, if you’re on video on a regular basis, or you sell through webinars, instead of focusing on selling your product, focus on the result of your sales and the lifestyle that comes along with it. When you do that, you will find yourself with a massive following just like the people I mentioned above.

But, remember, the average person isn’t looking to work hard. The average person doesn’t want a digital product. The average person doesn’t want a mortgage. What they want is the lifestyle that comes as a result of those products and services. Start selling the lifestyle, and you’ll be light years ahead of your competition.

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