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The ever evolving and dynamic growth of Medicine and Law has skyrocketed in the last few decades and so has the complexity of the treatments and advice. For instance, look at how Mental Health and its importance, has become more mainstream in the past decade than ever before.

This ever-changing landscape of information readily available and the growth of technology, does not solely lie with patients and clients. More and more practitioners are feeling the burden of adapting to the changing environment encompassing the medical field.

This is why Dr. Nina Nejmeh started NIO Consulting Group in 2018. She had predicted this change would be inevitable and knew she had to act to provide healthcare practitioners ease of operation and accuracies in outcomes. Since then, NIO Consulting Group has expanded from Canada to the Unites States of America, and as always increasing efficiency profitability as well as patient outcomes has been at the forefront.

Dr. Nina is a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, with advanced diplomas in Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, and a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine. After experiencing firsthand the difficulties of owning and operating successful medical practices and assisting others in the same industry facing similar challenges such as recruitment, education, retention, medical/legal issues and financial profitability, she was certain that there were others who went through the same trials as she underwent and was eager to ease their struggles.

Dr. Nina has found innovative ways to make clinics and businesses profitable, as well as, helping them launch into the new age of medicine. Throughout all this, she has never forgotten the golden rule: the patient first”.

This strategy to narrow the gap for clinics/practices who keep pace with the latest advancements in technology and business management, has allowed her company to thrive in the new shape of medicine, where the patient is more informed through the internet than ever before.

NIO Consulting Group believes that the best outcome is always the outcome where the patient is happiest. Regardless of profits, but often is the case, when you align your practice with the patientswell-being and best interests at heart, your business will in turn become highly profitable.

Because it takes many talented behind the scene” individuals to make a business successful, Dr. Nina has added like-minded individuals and experts such as Primary Care Doctors, Medical Specialists, Registered Nurses, Physiotherapists, Lawyers, Business Advisors, Accountants, Medical Educators, Retention Specialists, Marketing Experts, and IT Professionals to her team.

Dr. Nina has aligned NIO Consulting Group with all these experts to make many things possible such as: change and reshape the way we look at medicine, to unite patient needs and business probability, to allow Practitioners to reinvest in themselves and in turn reinvest in the community.

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