The Difference Between a Great Leader and an Arrogant Boss

Congratulations, you are promoted! Good news, isn’t it? Well, let’s get into the paradigm shift of being the leader of the organization.

Today, they are more bosses than leaders, which is not necessarily a good thing. Why this question is so crucial? The only reason is that many great CEOs tried the bossy approach and failed reluctantly.

Certainly, Bosses and Leaders have only one thing in common: Eventually their employees leave. Do you wish to see your team succeed and take the time to see them for the unique individuals they are? Being a first-time boss is tough but it’s 100% worth it.

You should be aware of a few things:

  • Keep your priorities clear.
  • Roleplay what’s important.
  • Start off on the right foot.

There is a difference a leader and a boss. One dominates the mind of your colleagues while the other tears down your image gradually in the succession of time.

That is why it is really important to comprehend the divergence it can create.

Who’s doing it?

A Boss cares about the work to be accomplished but does not care and is not concerned with who is doing it and what struggles those individuals may be having. A leader cares deeply about the work and the individual struggles of each employee.

Don’t be so personal.

An annoying boss will cross the line he/she is not supposed to. Example: Some will like it when you ask how their weekend was; others consider such questions too personal and irritating. You should know the boundaries. Being friendly is one thing and being personal is another. Take it upon yourself to find one way to communicate with each person about something that’s not related to the work at hand.

And the Credit goes to?

Give credit where credit is due. It’s beguiling to want to add as much as possible to your personal “win” vertical. The more you prefer the credit to your team rather than yourself, the more motivated your team will be, and more productive you will all be able to work together.

Understanding the Talent.

In a new leadership role, it’s too easy to begin thinking exclusively about procedures, productivity, and people. But, please don’t forget to involve the team and connecting with the people around you. Get to know them and begin building those important relationships.


There is a phrase: ‘Bosses don’t learn or prepare, they push others to instead’. Preparation is critical when you are starting out on a new venture. Learn everything you can about the company—especially its vision, mission, and purpose. Leaders do that, I remind you. If you are leading a mobile app development company, then it’s indeed vital to know and prepare the data about your competitors and their strategies.

Empower the people.

It’s important to connect and communicate, to show empathy and understanding, and to provide the resources they need to do their best and keep growing professionally. Being a great boss means knowing that the people on your team matter most.

Right or Wrong.

A boss will say “It’s me” when it goes right, and “It’s not me” when it goes wrong. However, a leader takes the responsibility when necessary. A leader never thinks of right or wrong in blaming their teammates because it’s always a team effort.

Hopefully this has persuaded you to be a ‘Leader’ and not a ‘Boss’.

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