Not Ready to Be an Author? Think Again

unready to become an author

If you are like a lot of people, the thought of becoming an author might seem overwhelming.

When we picture something as significant as writing and releasing a book, doubt starts to creep in. Our hardwired instinct to stay in our comfort zone and protect ourselves from failure is powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t conquer your doubts. In fact, it’s not only possible to overcome them, but massively important.

The act of releasing a book into the world makes a huge difference, both for yourself and others.

Ready to overcome your fear and make a serious impact?

Good. Read on to discover exactly why now is the perfect time to become an author.

There’s Never Been a Better Time

Let’s take a moment to think about the reality of becoming an author in days gone by.

Before the self-publishing era began, being an author was reserved for a select few people. Those with the right connections to get a foot in the door at a publishing house. Those who seemed like a safe bet for major companies to invest in.

It’s sad to think about how many potentially amazing books never saw the light of day. Books that could have enriched lives never made it out into the world.

Thankfully, times have changed.

You no longer need a personal connection to release your book. You don’t have to worry about writing for any audience other than the one you truly care about. You don’t have to dilute your creative vision to appease a publisher.

Perhaps you agree that it’s a great time to become an author in general, but feel it’s not for you specifically?

Again, this might be your fear talking

We often kid ourselves that there will be a perfect time to get started on our book. In truth, the perfect time is right now. Seize the momentum. Take action and begin.

While you might imagine that a more suitable time is just around the corner, this is only an illusion. None of us knows what life has in store, so there is no use in waiting around.

If you’re feeling inspired to get started with a book, great!

Let’s explore some of the resources that will help you along your journey.

A Resource for Every Situation

Realizing that now is the perfect time to release your book is only the beginning. Next, it’s important to understand that there is an abundance of tools and resources out there to help you.

Every aspiring author has a slightly different background and set of goals.

Perhaps you’ve dabbled in creative writing and are ready to level up and release a full book.

Maybe you’ve got a great idea for a work of nonfiction that will seriously improve people’s lives.

Or perhaps you’re enthused about the idea of becoming an author, but really don’t know where to start learning about publishing!

No matter what your situation happens to be, there is a perfect tool or resource out there to help you.

Three types of resources I’ve noticed seem to help almost every aspiring author out there. These include:

  • Apps. One cool thing about becoming an author is the massive range of tools you have to work with. From simple writing solutions like Google Docs to complex, specialist writing software, you have a wealth of choices. From crafting your book to professional editing help, there are affordable solutions for every part of the process.
  • Knowledge. Our age of abundant information is something really special. No matter your level of knowledge, or the learning style you happen to have, you can find the knowledge you need to succeed as an author.
  • Support. Writing a book can be a lonely and challenging endeavor. The good news is that you don’t need to do it alone. The author community is a supportive place. You will make plenty of friends and be supported along the way.

Hopefully you now not only see that our current era is the best time to become an author, but there is an unprecedented range of tools and resources out there to help.

However, that’s not even the best part!

Ready to learn about the real reason I believe in this so strongly?

Change Lives for the Better 

Recently, I opened up about the deepest purpose behind my mission.

I’d like you to take a moment to think about your own. 

Of all the dreams, aspirations, and ambitions you hold in your heart, which could have the greatest level of impact?

I truly feel that releasing a book into the world is one of the best things you can do.

Let’s think about the benefits for a second.

If you take action and release your book, you are achieving a dream that many have but few realize. This alone will give you a massive sense of achievement and self-efficacy. 

Not only that, but your success will inspire and motivate those around you. By becoming an author, you give those around you permission and inspiration to achieve their own deepest dreams.

Also, don’t underestimate the impact your book can have on those who read it.

Fiction makes life worth living for many people. No matter what we’re going through, we can open a book and get lost in a whole new world. We can relate to people and cultures we would never experience for ourselves.

Nonfiction is immensely powerful as well. Books can help people solve their own problems, realize they are not alone, and pass on the knowledge learned to others.

Of all the ways you could spend your time, how many are more meaningful than becoming an author? 

Now Is the Time

If you’ve taken the time to read this far in the article, I know you’re ready to take action.

Think about the vast potential of the biggest self-publishing marketplaces. Places full of eager readers ready to have their lives enriched by your book.

Your book doesn’t need to be a one-off project. You can build an author platform for yourself and start building a career that will last for a lifetime.

But it all starts now. Take the first step. Make a plan. Commit to becoming an author.

After all, there really is no time like the present. 

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