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Landing on Forbes’ prestigious “30 under 30” list for 2019, Patrick Wind emerges with a powerful new project. Aimed at helping creators, innovators and entrepreneurs; he nurtures them with the knowledge and tools essential for connecting with their audiences. Wind’s digital marketing development program, AdsAccelerator, is a platform that aims to democratize advanced digital marketing techniques, putting these previously exclusive strategies and resources into the hands of driven entrepreneurs and businesses.

AdsAccelerator is the result of thousands of hours of testing, 3 million euros invested in ads, and 8 years experience in digital marketing using Facebook and Instagram ads; coalescing into a unique and effective marketing strategy that has seen 10 million plus euros returned. This is backed up by an education and implementation framework, and a strong online support network giving AdsAccelerator‘s users the power to learn and grow with their own projects.

AdsAccelerator has proven its effectiveness with implementation and backing by major international companies and brands spanning a variety of industries, including ASICS, Diamond Supply, Autodesk , Havas and Criteo. Wind’s Full-Funnel Strategy; one of the systems taught in the AdsAccelerator program, was also recognized and has been studied in the curriculum of multiple international business academies, such as ESADE, IESE and WU Vienna, strengthening Patrick’s experience teaching and applying his strategies in different environments.

Wind’s vision for AdsAcceleratoris to empower small businesses, brands and entrepreneurs, educating and inspiring people to develop their own sustainable, scalable business systems. Wind does this by offering up his proven advertising strategies, levelling the playing field against the large multinational corporations, and producing tangible results.

The multifaceted program boasts a treasure trove of resources, knowledge, guidance and support; teaching users to understand and implement advanced marketing strategies such as the Full-Funnel and the newly developed Omnichannel Retargeting Funnel into their own systems. The online courses and coaching programs are supplemented by weekly mentoring workshops held online and in-person in Barcelona, along with support groups on both Facebook and Whatsapp for team and community members to interact, share and grow alongside one another.

There has never been a better time for a small business or creatively minded individual to achieve market-driving results than with the implementation of AdsAccelerator into their system. The strategies detailed in the AdsAccelerator courses are proven to effectively aid with connecting its users to qualitative audiences for their products, lowering their cost per conversion and increasing their return on investment. Get started with a FREE webinar detailing the foundations of AdsAccelerator‘s success now!

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