Paulius Stankevicius Awarded by The Office of His Highness Al Maktoum in Dubai at Africa Investment Expo 2021

Paulius Stankevicius, CEO and owner of Stankevicius Group attended Africa Investment Expo 2021 in Dubai. The expo presented numerous business opportunities for global trade and networking between Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Banking officials from Africa, real estate business owners, and international business people from around the world flew to Dubai for the event.

At the event, Paulius Stankevicius introduced a new initiative by ”Ayla & Associates and Stankevicius”. The initiative is a firm called 4S focusing on the African market and job creation in Africa. The initiative of 4S is to develop the professional corporate services industry in Africa and support local startups aiming for foreign investment. 4S core strategy principle is to export local business from Africa to other parts of the world including Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the US. Based on the 4S concept, business exporting happens through recognition which is achieved by media publications. 4S supports African businesses with affordable media branding options to get recognized by sophisticated investors in New York, Silicon Valley, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, Dubai, and other prime international business megacities.

Paulius Stankevicius gave a presentation at Africa’s investment expo which took place at Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai, UAE on 18th of March 2021. Stankevicius introduced the affordable PR and media relations concept which is already launched and led by the CEO of 4S, Lesego M.

4S is a PR firm with a merged concept of Stankevicius media and Ayla & Associates international network and clientele from World Women Leading Change (WWLC) and Hujan Asset Management which is a real estate holding firm with $7B USD worth of assets under management. 4S was originally incorporated in 2020 in England and Wales and is now actively seeking growth and development in Africa.

Paulius Stankevicius was given an award for active participation in business collaboration between UAE and Africa markets.

Paulius Stankevicius is an entrepreneur who started as a tech developer in 2013 and moved to the public and investor relations sector in 2016 in which he worked with over 200 financial companies and helped to maintain clients’ financial health through professional strategies of merged PR and IR creative solutions. In 2020, Paulius Stankevicius dominated the medical trading industry within the Covid-19 market while doing business between the Middle East, Asia, and the US, and in 2021 Paulius Stankevicius is now entering the financial services industry while focusing on developing electronic trading based on algorithms.

Stankevicius Group is focusing on mainstream industries including technology development, advertising and public relations, general trading, and financial services. Stankevicius International Limited, a member of Stankevicius Group companies, by end of Q1 2021 is launching a beta of a general trading platform to connect buyers and suppliers in a more trusted matter for a more sophisticated business.

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