Photographer Neel Sarkhedi Expresses his Love for Nature, Reveals how he got Into Wildlife Photography

There’s something enriching about nature that makes everyone fall in love with it. Finding solace amidst the chaotic environment has become a daunting task, but photographer Neel Sarkhedi’s work is helping him explore different habitats and forest reserves.

A wildlife photographer by profession, he has always been closely attached to flora and fauna. Based in Ankleshwar, Gujarat, it was his love for animals and of course his creativity to capture wildlife creatures that helped him excel in the field of photography.

In a time where urbanization is increasing rapidly in terms of geography, Neel feels glad that his profession keeps him away from the chaotic world. “Everyone has a desire to work in a corporate giant and live in a metropolitan city.

But I am content with my profession and the peaceful life I am living. Getting paid for travelling and visiting different places is the most beneficial perk of my job”, reveals Neel. Moreover, he says that habitats and forest reserves are his home away from home.

Embarking into the journey as a wildlife photographer in 2019, Neel Sarkhedi has visited several national parks and wildlife sanctuaries like Jhalana Reserve Forest, Gir Forest, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Kabini National Park and Ranthambore National Park.

Sharing his experience, the photographer stated, “These journeys have brought me a step closer to mother nature. It was then I realized that the world is huge with numerous wildlife creatures present in different habitats. We must treasure these species rather than exploit them.”

Originally an entrepreneur, Neel was immensely creative during his teenage. “I did not want to run in the rat race of doing a mainstream job or running a business. I wanted to show everyone the world through my eyes. And I believe that this world of nature and wildlife tempted me to step into the field of photography”, Neel added. Through photography, amateurs and enthusiasts alike get to showcase the beauty of nature.

While Neel Sarkhedi has captured some incredible pictures of wildlife creatures, he is hoping to accelerate his work on a grand level. In the coming time, the ace photographer aims to collaborate with other wildlife photographers, media channels and publications. We wish the supremely talented lad lots of luck, and we are sure Neel Sarkhedi has got a lot to achieve in his career.

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