Planning for Business Setup in Dubai? Meet Entrepreneur, Advisor and Founder of Clever Corp Jai Karan Walia.

Dubai is a business hub and a dream place for every entrepreneur. Clever Corp of Jai Karan Walia provides support for setting up a long-term business in Dubai.

Jai Karan Walia is known for his clarity and amazing leadership excellence; his progress and success tell the story. Clever Corp has grown as the first choice for entrepreneurs who want to set up a business in Dubai. Yes, Jai Karan Walia helps entrepreneurs in Dubai in every startup. He and his team also provide services to set up companies that want to grow their business in UAE and worldwide.

His decade of experience in consultancy and supporting many people also played an important role in his success. Clever Corp provides great business setup services.

Today Jai Karan Walia’s Clever Corp is an emerging business advisory set up firm that serves thousands of different businesses, gets established and noticed in a short period, and excels in providing advisory services.

Clever Corp is offering a broad range of services under their kitty and offering them tailored-made solutions. Clever Corp has helped take the lead in current markets and has swiftly attained the attention of the new-age customer.

They ardently maintain in providing 100% customer delight with 100% clarity and liability. Jai also provides services like Tax consultancy in UAE and has also been in the real estate business.

Jai knows that Dubai is the global headquarters and the biggest hub for business-minded people. So he brought his office in Dubai to provide to the best of the crowd and help many small and medium startups get noticed.

Clever Corp has won the ‘Indo Arab summit for best Business Setup in UAE in 2019’, presented to them by the Union Minister of India.

Do follow him on Instagram @jaikaranwalia or visit the website,

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