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Technology has given us unparalleled access to each other in ways we’ve never had before. Globally, there are 3.5 billion smartphones in use, providing businesses with a channel to connect with consumers anytime, anywhere. Consumer-facing brands have never had easier access to consumers, nor have they ever had to work as hard to gain their attention.

We live in a world where consumers are bombarded with thousands of unsolicited messages from businesses every day. Most of these messages are neither relevant, meaningful, nor desired, causing consumers to quickly lose interest or damaging their relationship with retail brands.

Customers are demanding to be treated as individuals, and personalization is now seen as a ‘hygiene factor’. According to a recent McKinsey study, 80% of US consumers expect retailers to provide them with tailored experiences and 66% of consumers say encountering content that isn’t personalized would stop them making a purchase. 

As the fight for consumer attention rages on, a personalized, customer-first approach is the key to success. When blanket offers no longer cut it, the only other solution is to create messaging that feels personalized to each individual customer.

Impossible? Think again. We’d like to introduce you to Plexure, a leading provider of mobile marketing engagement solutions to some of the world’s most loved brands. Their intelligent platform combines customer and contextual data with advanced data science to help marketers pinpoint what their customers really desire and deliver the right messages at the right time,to help drive an increase in key stats such as average order size, frequency of purchase, and overall customer satisfaction.

The Science Behind Plexure

As individuals, we are all different. We have different preferences, opinions, and experiences. While this may seem obvious, brands tend to forget that their customers are individuals when building their advertisements and offers, causing their marketing campaigns to underperform when the majority of their customer base do not find it relevant or compelling.

The key to successful marketing campaigns will result in not only on-boarding new active customers but increasing loyalty and winning back lapsed customers is personalization – and the key to personalization is data.

The Plexure platform brings together a constant stream of data from a range of sources such as customer preferences, historic purchases, offer and loyalty redemptions, demographic and contextual data such as weather or events.

With Plexure, you can use this data to deliver customized offers and content and refine product recommendations in real time based on your customers’ individual behavior across the entire customer lifecycle. Plexure’s world-class AI and ML engines enable marketers to deliver personalized, dynamic campaigns that continuously evolve regardless of whether you have 100 or 1000 locations.

How Plexure Can Help Businesses

With the use of Plexure Analytics and their AI, Plexure can help create detailed and customer segments to help your business better target your consumer base depending on the data collected. Plexure has enabled businesses to achieve tremendous success with the creation of loyalty programs aimed at increasing customer retention.

With the use of points, bonuses, referrals, and other incentives, the loyalty program creates an ongoing relationship between the business and the customer, incentivizing them to not only return but also refer their friends.

Plexure’s digital toolkit is a one-stop solution for businesses looking to expand their digital marketing as well as those that are starting new and in need of a personalized marketing plan as well as a mobile application. There are no requirements to get started working on expanding your business with Plexure.

Who Can Benefit From Plexure

Digital marketing is growing in demand in every industry, particularly the service industry such as restaurants and retail shops. Plexure specializes in businesses that have frequent predictable customer interactions and are in need of customization. The most popular success story that Plexure is proud to have been a part of was their McDonald’s partnership that ultimately resulted in McDonald’s taking a stake in the company itself.

The Super Indo grocery store partnership was another success story that resulted in a 55% increase in basket size for online shoppers as well as the redemption of offers by 60% of app users, a number much higher than industry averages.

Plexure can help both large and small businesses from a variety of niches expand their digital marketing campaigns, increase their customer engagement and retention, as well as bring in new ways of conducting business. This digital age calls for a digital strategy, and who better to entrust your marketing to than Plexure and their team of experts.

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