Pre-Test of the Game Changer Music Streaming App “Scrybe” Coming Summer 2021

This past week we were given the opportunity to pre-test the latest in music streaming applications, Scrybe Streaming. The beautiful User Interface is matched with extremely easy functionality for listeners of all ages, and the music quality meets the standards of every streaming app on the market. 

What is most game changing about Scrybe though is not its UI/UX interface, it is actually the business model behind the company. CEO Christian Phyfier has dedicated four years to the idea of what Scrybe would be, not only to the artist but to the listener as well. Creating a synergistic music streaming app that increases the control artists & labels have over their music and decreases the listeners monthly payment. 

From the artist’s perspective, Scrybe gives back all the control they deserve. From being able to directly distribute and manage their profile, to setting their subscription rate, the average musician with 10,000 followers could convert that to over a $1000 a month on Scrybe. 

On the other hand the fans of these artists have the unique ability to choose how much their monthly payment is going to be. Subscribe to artists you are consistently listening to and unsubscribe from the ones whose music has faded. For as little as a dollar a month, fans can have thousands of songs at their fingertips. 

Phyfier states, “Since artists and labels have lost the ability to sell physical CDS, it has been an uphill battle for artists to consistently make money and survive. Oddly enough, it’s the same for the streaming companies. Believe it or not, the profit margins aren’t that great in comparison to when we sold CDs, Vinyls and other things. Streaming companies are going to implode, either pay the artist less, or increase the monthly rate for the listener.”

Furthermore stating, “Scrybe corrects that, artists and labels can now sell music and make money, with less stress on touring and merchandise sales to generate consistent revenue, and now having the ability to project monthly and yearly earnings based on an artist’s influence.” 

Phyfier has announced that June 20th, 2021 Scrybe will host the V1 conference, which is set to follow the official launch of Scrybe on June 16th. This conference will go over the details of Scrybe, showing its nuances and the things that make it unique, as well as several live performances and Christian Phyfier himself will answer any questions regarding the company. Just like the Scrybe Application, the event is free, anyone in attendance must be pre-registered to have the early download of Scrybe and RSVP on eventbrite. 

Pre-register & RSVP here at

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