PRIME Time: The Rise of Parallel


Crypto Gaming remains a hot topic, dominating daily volume charts, and Parallel’s $PRIME token is holding its own among the best. Merging traditional trading card mechanics with contemporary features like play-to-earn, NFTs, and AR, Parallel has captivated both gaming enthusiasts and crypto traders. But why? Let’s delve into it.

What Is PArallel?

At its core, Parallel is a trading card game that leverages play-to-earn features, seamlessly marrying traditional gameplay with cutting-edge Web3 tech. The game unfolds in a rich narrative of interstellar travel and societal evolution, offering players a unique and immersive experience.


Still in development, Parallel has achieved a significant milestone by gaining approval for the Epic Games store. Once the onboarding page is live, gamers will be able to download the latest version, join the open beta, and actively contribute to shaping the game.

Who Is on the Parallel Team?

Parallel Studios boasts a team of professionals with expertise in game design, blockchain technology, and NFT creation. Their goal is to fuse traditional entertainment with the blockchain and all the benefits that come with it, for instance, enabling users to own components of the digital worlds they interact with.

How To Play Parallel

Parallel shares similarities with traditional collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering. Players strategically deploy cards from their hands, each possessing unique abilities and strengths. The game involves elements of attack, defense, and resource management, offering a blend of tactical depth and strategy.

Getting started

As mentioned, eager players can join the open beta on the Epic Games store for free once launched. To prepare for participation, users are advised to research and set up their wallets in the decentralized application (dapp). For those looking to go the extra mile, acquiring $PRIME tokens and collecting Parallel NFTs to assemble decks is an option for those with cash to splash. But before you start dropping wads on those, let’s explore what they do.

Parallel NFTs


At the heart of Parallel’s gameplay are the Parallel NFTs, a growing collection of digital assets representing the game’s central factions or “Parallels.” These NFTs form the foundation of the game, allowing players to assemble and deploy decks for competitive play. The NFTs encompass various types, with Cards and Avatars being prominent.

Cards, representing the five Parallels, contribute to the gameplay’s core mechanics, each possessing unique abilities and gameplay mechanics. Avatars, on the other hand, represent the factions within the game’s universe and provide additional benefits to players.

Parallel’s $PRIME Token

Parallel TCG operates using the PRIME token, an essential utility token within the Echelon ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain. PRIME tokens facilitate gameplay, reward distribution, and community governance. With a fixed total supply of 111,111,111,111 tokens, the PRIME economy operates uniquely by redistributing tokens into different contracts after use, ensuring balance and scalability.

How To Earn IN Parallel

Yes, here it is, the bit some of you have been scrolling down the page frantically looking for! Players can earn $PRIME tokens by winning matches in Parallel TCG. The number of tokens awarded depends on various factors, including match outcomes, time since the game’s launch, player rank, and equipped keys. The play-and-earn model ensures that active and successful players have greater opportunities to earn $PRIME.

Final Thoughts


As the game continues to evolve, Parallel Studios plans to introduce new cards, expand tactical depth, and provide players with novel ways to engage with the Parallel universe. The upcoming official launch on the Epic Games store is likely to be a huge catalyst for the game’s success, drawing more attention. Hype has been building, and excitement has been garnered by what the team has produced so far. The sky is the limit for Parallel, especially if it catches fire with a mass audience!

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