Quarantine Doesn’t Stop Music – Najim Mollou

Najim Mollou

In 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, everything around the globe stopped. From educational institutes to restaurants to shopping malls, everything was shut down. As a result, there was a pause in practicing art as well. This included shooting for movies, performing theatre, and live concerts.

The idea of small and congested concerts in a basement or enclosed area is just a fantasy now. Even though things are slowly going back now, they might never be the same. Everything is now according to the “new normal” with masks, sanitizers, and a distance of 6 feet. However, according to Najim Mollou, being quarantined doesn’t stop us from enjoying our passion. If we can’t attend live concerts or travel all around the world to see our favorite artists, we can still always view them digitally. Even though it’s not the same as attending a concert physically, still something is better than nothing. 

Najim Mollou released his new album “Night Vibes” amidst the pandemic and hopes to release more. His intention was simple: To be a source of comfort in these stressful times. With lockdowns in many parts of the world, emotional distress was building up. As a result, Najim believes that in such testing time, music can be our friend as well as our therapist. Hence, it can play an important role in our daily life so that we don’t feel lonely. Like before the pandemic, we could go for a walk with our friends or have lunch with them.

But since due to social distancing we might not be able to do so, music can be a replacement in these ventures. Thus, while exercising or eating at our own respective homes, we can put on some headphones and push away the feeling of isolation. 

Therefore, being quarantined is no reason to stop working on important art like music. In reality, the need for music actually triples in these testing times. As Najim believes that his music is the way to reach out to everyone, he intends to help everyone struggling in these stressful times. He aims to spread smiles and comfort to everyone around the world with the help of his melody. Considering the amazing inspiring personality Najim already is, he wishes to inspire all other artists in this field. 

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