Quin Washington Aka Qjsaucey Spills the Beans on His Youtube Journey and More

Music artist Quin Washington is slowly making waves on social media with his songs and beats. He is living his dream of being a YouTuber.

Born in Louisiana Shreveport, Quin Washington, is best known by his artist name QjSaucey. Right from a young age, this Oklahoma City lad discovered his interest in recording and mixing. Apart from his love for Anime, he is well-versed in editing and shooting music videos.

One of the biggest pushes in his life came from his passion for creativity and productivity. This is what inspired him to start off with his YouTube journey. According to QjSaucey, “Right from the start, I have Ioved being productive in general, drawing, music, and editing keep me busy. I grew up and I always wanted to be a YouTuber and gaming was my outlet.

I didn’t have the necessary equipment so I didn’t really grow off of it. So I decided to vlog and do skits. My channel proceeded to grow immediately. So I started putting out music and little music video clips. And they loved it. So every since then, I switched over to doing YouTube.”

He is currently making waves as a creator on the platform and slowly he is capturing the attention of the music industry as well. The artist is honest about his creative process and loves to take feedback. Speaking about the best and worst parts of the industry, he shares,

“What I like the most is finding a beat I can vibe with completely and then the process after, listening to that art you just made is a different type of feeling. But the one thing that I dislike is getting stuck or having doubts about my creativity.”

QjSaucey is having a gala time working on his different pursuits and putting on Youtube. Check out his Instagram and Youtube.


Written by Genxee

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