Raising Your Vibration With Stephanie Jameson

Everything in the universe is made up of energy, including you. Even the things that look like they are solid are made up of vibrational energy fields at a quantum level. So it is important to do what you can to raise your vibration and keep it as high as you possibly can daily.

To find more about this topic, we spoke with intuitive empath and author, Stephanie Jameson. Stephanie has a very solid understanding when it comes to vibrational output / input. She states that it is crucial to keep our energetic field clear and grounded.

Your personal vibration is your overall state of being. It’s important to note that when we are vibrating high (love based energetic output), things will be flowing well in life and manifesting what we desire will occur easier and sometimes at what seems like a rapid rate. Likewise, when we are vibrating low (fear based energetic output) the opposite will occur. 

It is important to remember that energy always attracts energy.  Stephanie says that she has personally experienced “what it means to be in the vortex (as Abraham Hicks says) and when my vibration is high enough, opportunities just seem to land in my lap and I feel as though I can take on the world. However, when my vibration has been low I have also experienced the opposite.” 

Stephanie says that raising our vibration can be done pretty quickly, it is maintaining that vibration that can be a little bit more tricky. She says to try these 7 tips below: 


Everything that you think, say or feel becomes your personal reality. Our thoughts are so powerful that they become things. Make it a priority to focus on what YOU DESIRE daily, through the power of positive thinking. When we live in alignment with the vibration of love (Hope, Joy, Gratitude, Freedom, etc.) this creates the opportunity for miracles to occur in our life. 

Affirmations are an excellent way to reprogram your thought patterns and upgrade your mindset. 


It can be so easy to focus on all of the things that we feel we are lacking or are not going our way. However, taking 5 minutes daily to practice gratitude can change everything. When we think about what we are grateful for, we naturally feel more joyful. When we are feeling more joy, we emit that frequency and naturally attract more to feel grateful for. 

Stephanie says it’s an easy practice that we can put into place. She says that when we are triggered by a negative thought, just simply say “ its ok I had that thought, but now I am going to think about what I am grateful for.” She says “over time, what used to trigger us for a week, may only last a day and what used to trigger us for a day may only last minutes. When we implement this upgrade, we begin to make healthier decisions with the energy we emit.”  


Challenging at times but we really are what we eat, so if we are trying to maintain a high vibrational output… it is important to eat food that is of a higher vibration. Fruits and vegetables are essential! (*Organic if possible ). When we are placing high vibrational foods into our bodies, we naturally feel better and have more energy to co-create.


We are beings made up of vibration. Vibration requires movement, the more we move the better we feel! So get your body moving! Dance! Run! Do some Yoga!! Whatever resonates with you.. Just get yourself MOVING! 


Water works to help assist the body to flush out toxicity and keep the body feeling good. Water is a conduit for energy and also very grounding. Keeping yourself hydrated will help your biofield stay nice and clear. 


Not only can meditating help to calm us but this time can also be used to visualize what we wish to align with in our physical reality. Just 10 to 15 minutes of meditation a day can shift our energetic output drastically. Stephanie suggests using binaural beats or guided meditations, whatever resonates with you. 


It is important to find your tribe and stick with them. Pay attention to how you feel when you are around others. Do you leave feeling good or better than before you were hanging out around them? Avoid situations where energy vampires may be present. Energy vampires are typically individuals who hold onto a lot of resentment, complain constantly and are always a victim of some kind. Energetic vampires are takers, not givers. Be mindful whom you share your energy with. You are worthy of an equal energy exchange. 

There are of course other ways to raise your vibration and you should do what resonates best with you. However, these are 7 immediate ways that Stephanie suggests to get you jump started. She says “whatever makes you feel good and helps your physical body will raise your energetic output. From there, it is about maintaining your vibration and learning how to shift your energy when you are triggered.” 

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