Rajasthan’s Youth Congress Leader Sagar Sharma and the Youth Brigade Amplifies the Voice of the Common Man

Sagar Sharma is an active youth leader of Ajmer’s Kekri city. Sagar Sharma has been an active party member who has always cared for the poor and those in need. He played an important part in the victory of her father, Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma during the last assembly elections in Kekri. The Youth Brigade along with Sagar helped many during the pandemic. They formed a union solely dedicated to bringing relief to the poor during the outbreak of the deadly virus last year. It helped the migrant workers from different parts of the state reach their homes.

Sagar Sharma also expressed his concern for the rise in petrol and diesel prices. “The common man has one question for our government – when the crude prices are USD 70 per barrel, why is it that petrol prices are Rs 99 per litre and diesel Rs 92 now ? Not much before in 2014 , I remember during the Congress led UPA rule, crude prices were USD 110 per barrel. Yet, petrol was Rs 80 and diesel was Rs 63 per litre per litre then.”, said Sagar. He also added, ” Not just petrol and diesel but also the price of the gas cylinders have been rising above the roof now. It brings me great laughter to recall that this was the government whose one of the main issues during the 2011 polls.”

The Congress party has expressed it’s support towards the demands of the farmers and now we are seeing the Youth Leader Sagar Sharma expressing how he feels about the farm laws. He believes them to be unparliamentary and told us how he feels that the ruling party is being absolutely inconsiderate about the farmers. India is an agrarian country and the demands of farmers must be heard, he said. If the farmers go on strike then it’s a great threat to the entire country. Talking about how the protest has been trying to give a Khalistani angle, he said that it’s an old habit of the BJP to mislead the people to suit it’s propaganda. It’s not the farmers who are disrespecting the country, it’s rather the government that is failing to uphold the true roots of it’s nation. But he believes that the Youth Brigade won’t let this propaganda succeed by keeping it’s people away from the dark and closer to the truth.

Sagar Sharma loves spending time among the common people and has a free space where they come and address their problems to him. Youth have always played an important part in shaping up the politics of a nation and it’s a pleasure to see young opinionated people like Sagar to have the courage of stepping up and taking charge. What is really commendable in his case is the fact that he always seems approachable for the mass and there is a sense of clarity in his personality which is a hard trait to find in today’s politicians. He recently was a part of the Commonwealth Youth Parliament and took to his social media platform to express it as one of the best and lifetime opportunities he could have got. The country needs more educated politicians like him and Sagar Sharma is a hope for a bright future.

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