Rapper HYMN.’s Journey As An Artist & New Single

Rapper HYMN. experienced a rough childhood dealing with a life threatening asthma condition and constantly was in the middle of dangerous family life.

Rising Los Angeles based hip hop artist and rapper HYMN. has been battling the odds since he was just a boy. Born in Pittsburgh, PA, the creative experienced a rough childhood dealing with a life threatening asthma condition and constantly was in the middle of dangerous family life, spending years on the run. This all ultimately gave HYMN. no choice but to fend for himself and build a career on his own. 

HYMN. always loved music growing up but didn’t start writing and taking it seriously until 11th grade in High School. In 2018, the now LA rapper made his debut releasing his first single to streaming platforms titled “New Saints” featuring his original bar for bar lyrics and up-tempo sound. Ever since, HYMN. has been perfecting and evolving his sound and he takes pride in being one of the most versatile artists in the game.

Early in his career, HYMN. was given the opportunity of a lifetime to write for the late great XXXTENTACION on his posthumous album “Bad Vibes Forever”. Specifically, the rapper helped write XXXTENTACION’s song “Royalty, alluding to his top notch songwriting talents and marking one of the artist’s top achievements thus far in his young career.  

HYMN. recently dropped his second single of 2022 titled “Icee”, which came as a follow up to his popular hit songWoosah”. Icee features a simple trap style beat that leaves plenty of pockets for HYMN. to spit his bars. Fans can’t get enough of the choppy flows, clever lyrics, and fluid ins and outs that push the single forward from beginning to end.

HYMN. mentioned that this track is just a preview of what’s to come. A video for his song “Icee” will be released soon as well as new music including a smash titled “Psyduck”.

Listen to HYMN.’s latest single “Icee” below:


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