Rapper Kiki Devii Releases new Single “Mary Jane”

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Rising Hip Hop artist Kiki Devii and the Bronx New York native delivers a new catchy summer anthem titled ”Mary Jane” Kiki takes us on a vibrant audio adventure in which she allows us to get closer to her on more of a personal level as an artist with her relatable songwriting and honest storytelling. We have a first glance at what he’s going through in life and how she’s dealing with it.

Kiki’s style of music creation is exploitation of new genres and styles not seen commonly amongst newer artists. The way she is able to combine her melodies with her rapping ability at a high level is very impressive, the triple threat artist raps, sings, and writes all of her music.

She confidently puts her versatile approach to song-making on full display all throughout the song. With honest and catchy lyrics complimented by the distinct, rich, upbeat production, she has returned with confidence and ambition.

With the love of creating music, the talented rapper has always had everyone under her wings with the phenomenal work that he effortlessly continues to give out to fans worldwide.

The gift of Kiki is truly in her ability to structure her songwriting in a way that speaks directly to fans. When listening to the full song you will quickly relate to her experiences in life while turning up to the upbeat production and catchy melodies throughout the entire song.

The track delivers a message to those who can relate to young love in this social media generation. The old guns with scars from different relationships, those that have always been fooled, and even the unlucky lads that are kept better off as friends.

The song is connected by production and message in the music, each lyric will make you want to listen to the next one that follows. If you wish to listen to this brand album, we will leave you with a link right below!

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