Rapper RockstarRican on Turning His Childhood Dream into Reality

The music industry has been very brutal for many people but this is not the reality when you find the famous Rockstar from Virginia. RockstarRican Is a 24-year-old rapper who has seen many ups and downs in the music industry but now he is going towards the top even being the non-entity for some people in the music industry.

In his early age, he was interested in the music of Drake and Lil Wayne.   The people who are interested in the music and can understand the music find that his inspiration is from these two.  Even though he was interested in music from an early age but being in High school he only made music to be a hobby.

In 2016 he got the chance to become a successful rapper and having the chance of being professional in the music industry has given him the courage to make the hobby the profession. When he started Rapping RockstarRican realized that he is passionate about the music and he can’t be away from the music ever. Because of the interest in music he left the college alone and only focused on the music. He was able to make the time for the music and was listening to lyrics all day to become a successful music creator.

Till now he has released more than 20 songs in the music industry which can give you the idea that now he is a professional person instead of making music as a hobby.

When he releases his song on the streaming platforms like Spotify then he generates more fan base than successful music creators. On YouTube and sound cloud he can generate more fan base than Spotify. When the listener listens to his songs they find his songs to be not only having the music but also the lyrics which can get the attention of everyone.

The genre of rap along with the amazing music has increased the fan-base which he never expected being the independent music creator. Even being without the big label behind his back he can go to the top of the list in the music industry.

RockstarRican Doesn’t regret leaving the education and going toward music. Leaving the education has given him the time and the courage to go into the music industry and turning The Hobby into a profession.

‘Extraterrestrial’ is one of the famous songs by him which has attracted the attention of many of the fans. The Vibe this song has with Amazing lyrics and music, no one can ignore it.

The people who are interested in listening to his songs and at the same time want to know more about him can follow him on his Instagram and similar social media accounts.  He will be able to release the music on YouTube and Sound Cloud and also will be able to give inspiration to many of the music enthusiasts. Even the women in the world are loving the lyrics by him and also the message which he conveys through.

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