Rapper Trent the E.T Releases new EP S*F*S

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There are no boundaries to a pulsating percussive entity like Trent, the E.T’s style of music of music creation. In which he does effortlessly throughout his music. Soon after hitting the digital music scene in 2018 with genre breaking singles like “Late Night Freestyle” and “Soul FoodTrent has officially released his new EP ‘’S*F*S’’

The triple threat rapper, singer, and songwriter allows us to take a brief glance through his lens at where he’s at in life while still letting us sing along to the catchy lyrics. Trent puts his versatile approach to song making on full display all throughout this EP.  

If you are a Trent, the E.T fan then you would know that he has always been extremely open and honest in his music. He’s very big on staying true to yourself and being comfortable with just being yourself in all aspects of life. With Trent having this outlook on life, it allows him to connect with his fans on a much more personal level, motivating his fans to approach life with the same mindset and help them find peace with being true to who they are.

He’s never shied away from telling his truth in his music, that’s why fans can relate to him so much. It makes them feel like they aren’t alone with what they’re going through in their own life.

The true gift of Trent is truly in his ability to structure his songwriting in a way that speaks directly to fans. When listening to the song you will quickly relate to his experiences in life while turning up to the upbeat production and catchy melodies at the same time throughout the album. If this new bombshell 10- track album didn’t let you know that he isn’t here to make lack luster music, we don’t know what will.

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