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The third most populous city in the U.S. is Chicago. It is particularly famous for its amazing nightlife that attracts tourists globally. The clubs are always filled with countless people, thus brimming with energy and liveliness.

For the past four years, Josh Brusilosky, popularly called Josh Bru has been a huge part of the Entertainment Industry in Chicago. He is the top talent buyer in the city. Bru makes artist bookings for after parties and shows which are different from the main event in which the artist performed. It is an event where people have fun and Josh hires the respective artist to make an appearance there to attract more people. He has spent more than $250,000 in booking artists to date.

He initially arrived in Chicago to pursue business studies at DePaul University. Josh Bru then started doing Small Chicago based nightlife venues promotions as a side hustle. However, it garnered a lot of attention and success in a much less span of time. After some years of hard work and patience, he was finally able to open his own Entertainment Company.

He was doing quite well before the pandemic hit. Like all other businesses, COVID 19 affected the pace of his growth, especially since physically going to venues and partying was far from possible. However, he bounced back with full optimism and started doing well again.

Josh usually partners with venues like a nightclub, concert hall or some other place and attracts the audience to attend the events by targeted campaigns, run by the promoters of his company. These marketing campaign strategies include social media marketing such as prizes and giveaways. Chicago based colleges and other ones in neighbouring cities are his primary target audience.

Moreover, he also collaborates with different celebrities, music festivals to gain premium clientele and book them for events. Throughout his years of career in the entertainment industry, he has worked with prominent celebrities such as Migos, DJ Khaled, Jack Harlow, Blueface, 24kGold, Travis Scott, and Saweetie.

He has already scaled up the success ladder in the Entertainment organisation sector. Thus, he is looking forward to venturing into artist management and A&R. He wants his work to have direct and more involvement with different artists.

His experience and network of connections in the industry, which he had made in these four years, will come in handy to expand his scope into the artist management role.

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