The Only Reason You Aren’t Going After What You Want

Usually, it is outside of yourself. It is something, someone that is lowering your confidence, your self-worth, your self-love or your belief in what you are doing. Only you choose how you allow this negativity to reflect how you see yourself and how it impacts your momentum.

Someone or something is stopping you from going after what you want or causing you to think you are not good enough, smart enough, lovable enough, worthy enough, etc.

Perhaps it is one of these situations:

  1. The people in my office talk down to me so I must not be smart
  2. My boyfriend/wife/husband/girlfriend treats me like a piece of worthless shit I must not be lovable.
  3. Society tells me my choices are crazy.

The list of these bogus situations, excuses or negative dumps goes on and on.

However, we have power instilled in each of us to let this negativity and disbelief in our dreams and ourselves leave. Yes, you can show that nonsense or those people the door. We do not DESERVE to be spoken to like shit, treated poorly, or ignored.

Yet, when this is what you are experiencing for a year after year — situation after situation well you might start to effing believe it or them. You begin to start doubting yourself, and you downgrade your dreams and what you truly deserve and what you go after. Suddenly, you become okay with being okay and hint that’s not okay.

I want you to tell the little ways you are doubting yourself, letting yourself grow smaller and not bigger to fucking LEAVE. You have permission on how you feel and how you want to feel. You have permission on who you surround yourself with.




You deserve to give this your all. If you fall or fail, you will learn, and you will have taken a lot more steps than many will even attempt in their lifetime.

Make a commitment to yourself today to not lower yourself to expect and accept being treated by anything but the beautifully stunning, unique creature that you are.

Cut out the ones that don’t treat you like this.

STOP downgrading your dreams or self-worth + get what you deserve! You have permission on how you feel and how you want to feel as much as you have final say over who you keep in your social circle. At the end of the day, it is up to you.

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