Rene Bonét-Behind The Pen

Rene Bonét

When you hear a song, normally the first thing that captures your attention is the beat. Shortly after you are drawn by a vocal and that encapsulates your mood for 2–4 minutes. But what about the words. Often, we forget about how much weight the words of a song carry in the music.

Rene Bonét is Singer/ Songwriter who has been able to tell a story in a unique way that will capture the listeners attention and makes you say, “who wrote this song”? The process of songwriting is an art outside of performing the song vocally. It also calls for a certain type of delivery when stringing words together to tell a story.

One of things that I have found most interesting about Rene Bonét and writing style is that she does not always make the words rhyme. There is a certain cadence that she delivers that allows her to fall right in the pocket of the instrumentation perfectly.

Being originally from the DMV tri-state area and now currently residing between Atlanta and Los Angeles, you can hear the mixture of word pronunciation when she is delivering a song vocally and so I feel like this only enhances her writing capabilities.

Rene Bonéthas even spent time abroad and so when it comes to stories whether they be her stories or someone she has met; she does not lack in that department.

If I could classify her amongst anyone as a songwriter specifically, I would have to say she is driving in her own lane. She released two songs on Valentine’s Day 2021, “Stay” and “One Way Ride” and lyrically those songs had me hooked, and though I want to make sure I highlight her talents as a songwriter, I don’t want to overlook how quaint but modern her vocal tone is. Think Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, and Aaliyah with a sprinkle of Toni Braxton.

To add to her repertoire of a music catalog Rene Bonét recently released a Hip Hop/ Rock EP as her alter ego Bully Barbé. Not a lot of artist can completely cross genres musically and do it well. Her delivery in this project was completely surprising. I was utterly impressed and eager to hear more.

I think she deserves her flowers as a singer and especially as a songwriter. Songwriting has a longevity attached to it that artist that don’t write don’t get to experience. Rene Bonét has a pen game that is a force to be reckoned with. Check the writing credits of your next favorite R&B or Hip-Hop record, I’m sure you will see her name in there soon enough.






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