Meet the Decentralized Gaming Platform on Metis, Revenant and their Flagship Game: TitanBorn

Gleb and Alejandro are the backbone of Revenant, the decentralized gaming platform developing TitanBorn Game. Gleb has been gaming for over 32 years. While his education is in finance, he found the sector dull and took the marketing path. Little did he know his financial education and years of basement game nights would lead him to the emerging sector of web3 gaming. Gleb had a hand in building the biggest esports all in one marketing agency in Eastern Europe that worked with esports teams, tournament organizers, and casting studios. It was web3’s ability to trade in-game assets that eventually hooked him, and while dabbling in the play-to-earn field he landed with Revenant. 

Alejandro’s gaming claim to fame came with reaching a rank of 731 in NBA 2K, and this is also where the world of gaming hooked him. While he has a Master’s from Oxford, he took a similar route to Gleb and pursued Marketing. Today, as the CMO of Revenant, he feels he found the place where his passions are aligned with the task at hand: bringing decentralized gaming to the masses. 

Founded in 2021, Revenant is a web3 dinosaur of sorts. Originally a DeFi project, they took a successful initial raise and decided to go forth and create their vision; the first decentralized gaming ecosystem on Metis Network. With cheap and efficient transactions, they decided Metis was right for a gaming ecosystem explosion.

Revenant has a game studio, currently developing TitanBorn, a launchpad, and the marketplace. In the launchpad, the goal is to bring in as many high quality gaming projects as possible to give them a platform with support for development, marketing, and fundraising. The marketplace is shaking up to be the home for NFTs and collectibles on the Metis Network and beyond. 

Their flagship product though, is TitanBorn Game, which reimagines the classic arcade fighting experience, inspired by legends like Mortal Kombat, Tekken, and Street Fighter, but includes the all important web3 aspect of having in-game items that actually belong to you. The Revenant team has rolled out playable demo versions, with three different seasons with upgraded content each time. 

They had more than 10K unique players in their demos and the feedback was amazingly helpful for development. Everyone seemed to enjoy the nostalgia of the Mortal Kombat style feel, but several users felt challenged in that niche style of gameplay. They took that feedback and pivoted, and the game is now being developed in more of a Dark Souls pathway. The players now have the same arena where fighters meet in 3D, and the keyboard and mouse is used for gameplay. This has led to easier controls for the moves needed to win. 

Titan Born was recently added to the Games Fifth gaming platform. They also partnered with CryptoStash, guilds like Metagoons, and most of the large projects on Metis. To date though, they are still soft marketing the game as they continue to develop the network. “We’ve been more focused on the product itself and been doing a lot of traffic just to basically test the gameplay, because as of now, we don’t have any on-chain features. We are more focused,” Gleb said. 

As for the economy, Alejandro likes to keep the attention on Play and Earn vs. Play-to-Earn. The focus is and always will be on enjoyment first. Play-to-Earn games have shown themselves to have unsustainable economies and Revenant wants to put out games that last. 

When it comes to economy specifics, the team was very weary about inflationary items. They had seen so many buyback and burn methods that all seemed to be solving a problem that shouldn’t even exist. The main token is called $TITAN, and the game also has NFTs that have real value. Where they combat inflation is by not giving away tokens for actions. Gamers need to achieve something. They will offer regular leaderboard competitions and something like the top 100 or 5000 (depending on the player base) will receive rewards. 

Revenant wanted to offer a balanced game economy, to create something potentially long lasting. Their idea came from the esports model and they developed a concept called Coliseum. Like in traditional sports, there will be sponsors, patrons, owners of gear and players, the gladiators, and the scouts who play them. Those that can afford the gear can now work with those that have the time to play to create an ecosystem where monetization and earning are fun and profitable. 

Season 4 of TitanBorn is going on now, and those interested should head on over to @titanborngame on X to learn more. 

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