Reviewing Australia’s New & Upcoming Rewards Programs. The Supreme Society Australia On The Rise.

There is no shortage of rewards programs in Australia. Proven to promote customer retention and attract new customers, loyalty and rewards programs benefit both customers and businesses. Incredibly, almost 90% of Australians are members of at least one program, the average number of memberships being just over four per person. And while many programs have changed little over the years, new types of schemes are emerging, offering members rewards that are far more incentivizing than simple discounts.

Among some of the more interesting rewards programs, Day2Day Rewards claims to save its members hundreds of dollars per year for discounts on online shopping. Membership is free, and users receive monthly emails about new deals and specials, on goods and services that include travel, retail, health, events, and experiences.

G’day Rewards offers a fresh perspective with its rewards program that offers discounts at over 280 G’day parks throughout Australia. And for frequent flyers, there’s the ever-popular Qantas Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program, where members can earn Qantas points for shopping, dining out, using a credit card, or traveling.

Another new rewards program that seems to be grabbing the limelight is The Supreme Society Australia, an innovative lifestyle rewards program which incentivizes its members by offering a huge range of savings on automotive, marine and lifestyle experiences. The Supreme Society is rapidly gaining recognition for its contributions to much-needed social change in the automotive industry.

The number of incentives offered by the Supreme Society is quite remarkable, with its hybrid mix of rewards similar to those offered by Amex and Qantas and the addition of cars, bikes, boats, fashion, jewelry, houses, electronics, and more.

“We’re taking a different approach, that’s for sure,” says Supreme Society Founder Chris Roman. “We’re a combination of the old frequent flyer rewards and credit card rewards programs, with the added incentive of a lifestyle rewards program that suits everyone.”

And when he says everyone, he means it:

“You can be a business owner needing discounts on tax and accounting services, you might need a health and wellness corporate or personal program, you may want discounts to gyms, or rewards and coupons for your favorite coffee spot, restaurant or hotel…we offer all of that, and more.”

Supreme Society members are also offered the opportunity to win substantially large prizes and participate in social events hosted by the team.

Invitations include food and drink along with live entertainment, motor vehicles and stunt shows. These events attract over 500 attendees, while incidentally providing a great opportunity for Supreme Society partners to make a presentation.

It would appear that many businesses are deciding it would be to their advantage to partner up with the Supreme Society. Not only does the platform offer an exceptionally attractive option for consumers, it also offers opportunity for growth to the businesses that sign up to its partner program. Investing heavily into marketing, the Supreme Society receives over 2 million visitors every week on social media, along with half a million visitors to its website, creating a ready-made customer base.

The Supreme Society rewards program is changing the face of the industry. It might even be safe to predict that this platform is going so big that the competition will need to watch its back.

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