Rising Hip Hop Artist Bo Luke Focuses On Keeping His Sound Unique

Bo Luke is soaring through the music industry

While the state of Michigan isn’t typically a place most people think of when talking about hip hop, the state can’t be left out of the conversation. The Glove has produced a wide range of successful artists like Eminem, NF, and Big Sean, among a long list of names. One artist who has been making noise in Michigan is rising hip-hop artist Bo Luke. Luke’s first interactions with music came at an early age, being introduced by his family. “I’ve been around music since I was born,” said Luke.

My parents, aunts, and uncles listened to everything from Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye to Shania Twain and the Bee Gees. However, it was my older cousins who introduced me to hip hop; they made sure I knew every Biggie and Jay-Z song bar for bar, haha.

While music was a big part of his childhood, it wasn’t until middle school that Bo Luke really started to dive into his true calling. “Throughout middle school and high school, I would freestyle in the classroom, at the lunch table, and in the locker room,” said Luke. Aside from his passion for hip hop, Luke enjoyed playing the saxophone and sang in choir growing up.

As a fully independent artist, Bo Luke has gained traction quickly since his 2018 debut on all platforms. His influences include Kanye West, Drake, Big Sean, Team Eastside Peezy, and Payroll Giovanni, all bringing different elements you can hear in his music. While making progress, Bo Luke says his biggest setback is growing into himself. “I was always well-liked growing up, but at times I felt like a Black Sheep,” said Bo Luke. “I just learned to embrace my differences and wear them as a badge of honor.”

While Luke has been silent so far in 2021, he’s reportedly working hard to build his brand and network. He also plans to release a new project soon following up his recent eight-track release called “Time Will Tell..”

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Written by Jeremy Morris

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