Rocking the Drop-Ship with Kamil Sattar

The drop-shipping model has seen great strides with the increasing popularity of e-commerce. Further catalyst to its development is the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen both retailers and customers homebound for an extended period of time. Compounding this is the fact that many brick-and-mortar stores have faced temporary and sometimes permanent closure due to the circumstances of the pandemic. Due to these factors, drop-shipping and e-commerce in general have seen a boom with large volumes of retailers, customers, and suppliers entering the market all at once.

In spite of these developments, the drop-shipping market remains far from crowded. Although a large number of retailers have entered the industry, the similarly large volume of customers has done more than enough to balance the scales. New markets for a variety of niches continue to appear. However, a sound business strategy defined by innovation, exploration, and experimentation is still needed to rise to the top of the industry. Drop-shipping entrepreneurs of the present have to contend with ever-changing customer needs, supply chains, and other market conditions and be able to predict, adapt, and capitalize on these changes.

21-year-old British businessman Kamil Sattar is one such entrepreneur leading the pack in drop-shipping. With just four years of experience in e-commerce, Sattar has managed to rise to the top of the industry, becoming the youngest member of Forbes Business Council in 2020. Sattar also has two years of experience in training emerging entrepreneurs and their teams in maximizing their financial gains through e-commerce.

Starting from humble beginnings, Sattar’s childhood was full of struggles due to coming from a poor immigrant family. He decided early on to drop out of college, seeing the educational system as being incompatible with his long-term goals. Eventually getting a job in retail, Sattar first ventured into e-commerce by buying and selling high-end apparel at just sixteen years old. Using his affinity for fashion, website design, and his connections online, Sattar was able to grow his business by marketing on Weebly and Instagram. In just a few months, Sattar was saving significant amounts of money from sales of luxury sneakers to various celebrities. In 2017, he decided to invest his money through e-commerce company Shopify. Sattar, like many, was drawn to the drop-shipping model due to its low barrier to entry.

Sattar’s first forays into drop-shipping, however, were far from easy. Facing initial struggles due to his unfamiliarity with online advertising, Sattar continued to learn and adapt to his new world. Eventually, he was able to get his big break with an iPhone screen protector which generated over $20,000 in revenue. His successes jumped off from there, with high revenues from a Christmas gift store in 2018 and over $58,000 of revenue in a day for a single item on Black Friday 2019. He now earns over $ 3,000,000 in combined revenues annually from his various companies.

Primary to his success, Sattar says, is his willingness to experiment, roll with the punches, and keep learning from his mistakes. Sattar continues to experiment with different advertising methods as well as explore niches with varying products and target markets. Such experimentation, of course, is bound to come with failures. He has learned to take the good with the bad, knowing that entrepreneurs will always have obstacles to overcome regardless of their level of success. What matters to him is that he learns from his failures and he keeps getting back up, which are traits he always tries to implant in his students.

Sattar sees his efforts in teaching budding entrepreneurs as his principal legacy. On top of offering mentorships and consistently accepting speaking opportunities from various organizations, he has also begun to produce free online courses that he hopes will be able to give equal opportunity to everyone interested in drop-shipping. With his courses going viral online, Sattar plans to continue making courses and wryly admits that he hopes to rock the boat for the plethora of paid business gurus online.

You can find out more about Kamil’s story through his Instagram, @kamilsattarofficial. For more information about his businesses, you can visit his website at

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