Rozal Khan the Success Story of the Youngest Sizzling Star of Bollywood.

Rozal khan, the beautiful glamourous new lady princess of Bollywood, originally belongs to a small town of Gorakhpur. From childhood, she was always inclined to work in the acting and the film industry. Like many others from the small town, she was highly fascinated by the great Bollywood stars be it Madhuri Dixit nene, Aishwarya Rai, the 80s superstar Nilam, all of them inspired her.

She was highly influenced by Neelam’s styling sense and her delicate personality with sophisticated acting sense. To put it more elucidated, she wanted to be the next Neelan of the Bollywood industry in the 20s.

Her career path was laid down by her desires and with her mother’s support in her early ages. Only when she was 5 yrs old, she has decided to ramp walk and take part in most shows as a child actor. At age of 7 yrs she was in Delhi to get more assignments in Bollywood, modeling assignments, Adv shoots, and short commercials, from there on her career growth brought her to the glamour industry in Mumbai.

She has been in Mumbai for last 5 yrs, she has been a lead model of fashion brands like Levis, Willis lifestyle, she was a proud participant of Ms. Diva, India, beauty pageants Salaam Delhi 2015 winner, her achievements as a model and actor is enormous.

With her versatile skills and multi-tasking talent, she was also a fashion choreographer in major cities like Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Delhi. Her abilities as an actor evolved in the process, she knew acting from the start, however, to shape up her expressiveness and get higher as a well-groomed actor she decided to learn commercial acting in Sai Gurukul Acting Academy, under the guidance of Mr. Rupesh Rai her honored Guruji from Delhi, post that she banged many ad shows, commercials, TV shows, her  Ad- “Super Height” which was a Health supplement powder for height did a good business, her tall personality and beautiful fit look made her suitable for most of the commercials and short film.

As she shifted to Mumbai several doors of opportunity opened up for her. “Blessed are those whose parents special Mother plays a strong role to make their career,” says model turned actress Rozal Khan. Born in a conservative family in the small town of Gorakhpur, she had not got the success if her mother had not been her backbone and her inspiration.

Rozal khan’s gratitude towards her Mother’s support and caring nature is unending. Gone are the days when children had gratitude towards their parents, Rozal Khan is an exception to this. Her morals and values are still old school, thanks to her mature upbringing and nurturing loving family atmosphere created by her mother.

Her Bollywood career is shining bright with her recent film-Hazarat Ganj -in which she plays a  lead role, also she has another Bollywood blockbuster ready to release called- stage singer. Rozal khan has also given a sizzling performance in her latest music album- “Muskurana tera”, and “saath rahunga”, sung by Faiz Anwar.

This rocking star of Bollywood is merely 20 yrs and seems to have started her career at a very nascent age of 14-15 yrs. May Rozal Khan see a glorious career ahead in Bollywood.

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