Salaman Rasoli Shares How He Uses Social Media to Accelerate His Career Growth

Regardless of how high-status wealth one achieves, one cannot enjoy the full benefits without having adequate health. Malnutrition, diet, irregular sleep patterns, smoking, stress, alcohol, and drug abuse are some of the most common causes leading to detrimental health consequences. We spoke to a young entrepreneur and mentor who educates about all the above while balancing a very busy life.

Salaman Rasoli is a 2nd year PA student, currently finishing his last year and pursuing a career in pediatric cardio-thoracic surgery. He has earned a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Cellular & Molecular Biology, as well as degrees in health science, nutrition & dietetics, kinesiology, and psychology. Rasoli has worked as a tutor for a major test prep company before establishing his own website that provides services to pre-healthcare undergraduate students who are pursuing a career in healthcare. In addition, he provides health and fitness programs pertaining to weight loss, muscle growth, and longevity. Rasoli is a strong advocate for both physical fitness and mental health.

On his journey to becoming an aspiring PA, Rasoli saw a need to develop a mentorship program that helps develop and guide students from start to finish. During his time as an undergraduate student, he quickly learned that the information his councilors were providing him was not of much help in regard to becoming a successful applicant a healthcare field. He opened his services with the primary goal of having a clear pathway for students, while still currently a PA student himself.

Rasoli credits his use of social media to help him build his business. He began mentoring students as a hobby which has now turned into a business of his. He has become well-known to thousands of students throughout social media with an impressive fan base on Instagram and and TikTok, that lead him to create his own website. We asked him to share how he uses social media to drive new business.

“Running a business requires a lot of work and patience. To succeed and be the best we can be in our career, we must primarily consider our own health and wellness. That is why I preach health, wellness, and fitness being essential in who you are as a business owner as well as a person. The most common misconception of entrepreneurs that I have learned, is more hours of work does not correlate with more success. This could not be further from the truth and losing sleep can be detrimental to our health in the long term. Instead of sacrificing valuable sleep, one must learn how to efficiently use their time. Most entrepreneurs with busy schedules like myself, struggle with making exercise a consistent habit. Year after year, there is a multitude of published articles in literature pertaining to the benefits of exercise. One of the newest and game changing discovery of exercise, is the effect it has on creativity. Creativity is arguably the most important attribute for successful entrepreneurs to possess and exercise has been shown to enhance it. After all, creativity powers unique inventions, establishes new viewpoints and solutions to problems, and encourages business leaders to craft a vision for their company.”

Be Transparent on Social Media to Show Potential Customers You are Genuine 

Rasoli shared that regardless of what platform they use, one should always be fully transparent and avoid being someone who they are not. He adds, “There are a lot of my competitors that are not fully transparent on social media and it shows. I tend to be fully transparent and personal about everything with my audience, whether it be what I had for lunch that day to what muscle group I worked at the gym. I have noticed that my business has gone up in sells exponentially once I incorporated not just the services that I have to offer, but daily posts throughout my days that shows I am also a human with a personality. In this way, I can connect with my students on another level, sharing similar music interests or hobbies. This enables me to get an understanding of the personality types that the students I mentor possess, and which learning styles they will benefit from the most.”

Social media has opened so many opportunities for Rasoli not only to reach others, and to help his business grow, but in ways he could have never predicted before getting started. He spends countless hours responding to messages and engaging in his community. The extra one on one time he spends with his audience and being fully transparent, has enabled him to build trust that has led to sales down the line after initially providing free help.

Balancing Social Media, Health, and School

As mentioned previously, Rasoli is a busy individual. He is running a business and is currently in his final year of PA school simultaneously with keeping an impressive 9% body fat physique! I mean who does that? His use of social media is with a purpose in mind. Rasoli talked about consistency being the key when it comes to social media and producing content daily. One thing that has helped him to stay consistent is using his time during his daily 30 minute cardio sessions at the gym to jot down future social media content, reply to questions, and check on current students currently being mentored. This method of time management has really improved productivity in the long haul. If you are a business just starting out on social media try to stick to at least one post a day to build a following. Also, make sure to engage in your community every day whether that is responding to comments, or leaving your own two cents on other people in the pages of your niche.

If you have questions for Rasoli, feel free to connect with on his Instagram @salamancode or via his website

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