Sanjana Kavathalkar Will Change Your Life with Her “21-Day Wellness Strategy”

In our habitual lifestyle, we often tend to neglect our health and fitness. It is difficult to strike a balance between our health regime and busy lives. To tussle with this challenge, Sanjana Kavathalkar, a promising 20-year-old biotechnologist and a licensed nutrition coach has developed a 21-day fat-loss program for a holistic lifestyle.

Previously, Kavathalkar has pioneered various digital marketing and advertising campaigns for prominent brands. She has recently taken over the Indian Women Blog (@indianwomenblog) Instagram page to talk about menstrual hygiene and ran successful campaigns to distribute sanitary pads among underprivileged girls and women, in collaboration with Phoenix Pads.

An avid reader and a person who savors the study of molecular biology, genetics and physiology, Kavathalkar also has a keen interest in yoga and fitness.

With her holistic and contemporary approach towards lifestyle, diet, and nutrition intake, Kavathalkar has come a long way in helping people deal with stress and anxiety that often disturb one’s natural work rhythm. A considerate and keen correspondence with her clients has led her to formulate this 21-day program, interpolating evidence-based science which has proven that it takes around 21 days to form a habit. It is an all-rounded plan with no fancy or expensive food items, to nourish one’s body, and, most importantly to feel a sense of achievement upon completion of the program.

This fat-loss program is not only for those who want to shred that extra pound, but also for those who are dealing with major health problems. The plan outlines healthier habits that help with longevity and overall well-being.

When asked about her plan and ideologies concerned with health and fitness, she responded ambitiously, “To change the lives of thousands across the world.”

“I have a diverse set of clients across different age groups and health issues. My clientele includes people from homemakers to businesspersons and some celebrities, too, for whom I have devised a customized plan based on their work routines. I do not believe in keto diets.There are several other holistic calorie deficit or IMF diets that aid weight loss, which not only cause overall fat loss but also benefit the health of the person.

My plan also includes customized diets for those suffering with health issues like PCOD, hypertension, and cholesterol. I carefully understand the client’s lifestyle, habits, emotional health and commitment levels, and then provide them with a suitable diet plan accordingly.

Each client has been provided with a customized program after conducting a 45-minute session that helps me thoroughly understand the person based on their health ailments and commitment towards food intake. I also constantly follow up and communicate with my clients, for guidance, clearing their doubts and motivating them either in person or virtually.”

The results are outstanding. The clients have become more disciplined and mindful about their eating habits. Some of them have even managed to improve their cholesterol levels, PCOD’s, and BP irregularities.

In addition, the diet also concerns beauty nutrition to help obtain healthier and more glowing skin.

“I don’t just talk about nutrition but also about simple changes that my clients can make to their lifestyle which would help them follow their body’s natural circadian rhythm to provide greater comfort and overall happiness. I always affirm that that nutrition is the most important factor to build immunity against any disease or pandemic,” she adds.

Kavathalkar has spread awareness and has influenced various people in different cities across the world. By sharing her holistic diets and wellness strategies, she has empowered every individual who believes in nutrition as an important element.

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