Sasha Goat’s Music Career

In one of his more recent tracks and fan favorite, “More High,” Sasha Goat partners up with Blix and Hatty Maines to create a beat and flow that brings listeners to a higher level of consciousness, taking them into a state that some would describe as hypnotic, yet pleasantly euphoric.

Since the start of his career, Goat has maintained an electronic dance genre that inspired his listeners to simply let loose and enjoy themselves along with those around them; with this state of euphoria being a common side effect. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and its restraints of solitude brought about new challenges for the producer/DJ to take on what once was his sole passion; to unite people through music.

Despite those challenges, Goat has found what some would call a “light at the end of the tunnel” approach for his latest tracks, celebrating the end of the pandemic and introspective lessons about gratitude for all the things most of us once took for granted.

Historically, music has always been used as pastime to bring people together. Whether it be dancing, drinking, or just singing acoustics around a campfire, music has always held the power of unity.

“Doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, if it’s a hot beat you’re going to start moving,” said Goat.

In addition to his goal of initiating a new kind of unity with his music, Goat plans to put stronger emphasis on the transformative processes that the pandemic posed upon us. The release of his latest tracks will metaphorically, indirectly and sometimes directly symbolize of the beauty of human evolution- and how that beauty goes hand in hand with the evolution of music.

“I love seeing how my music has evolved as the scene in general has too. While it’s brought me more challenges, it’s also taught me that the key to truly living as opposed to just surviving is acceptance that we are all constantly evolving and must welcome the changes with open arms. There is no growth without change and challenges, and my new tracks will reflect on the growth I’ve personally acquired from mastering habits like this.”

The messages in Goat’s new music will ask listeners to do that very thing only-just listen. Listen and let the music relax you, bring curiosity to your mind, and appreciate the moment without the typical preconceived notions or anxieties we as humans tend to experience too often.

The consistently upbeat and energetic theme will still be very present in the DJ and producer’s new creations, however it is projected that Goat’s fans, both old and new are in for a pleasantly unexpected surprise this year; the kind that can only be produced from a welcoming and grateful adaptation to chaos. Just as Rome had to be turned to ruins before it rebuilt even stronger than before, we will witness the creation of a new empire- evolved and produced from the very chaos of our own lives. We are all living what will soon be great history to future generations and Goat’s tracks are on their way to bringing us that awareness this year.


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