Save The Date! Think In Color Is Back: Presented by Thinkific

Interested in connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs? What about learning from a panel of experts on how to grow your online business? Tired of seeing a lack of diversity in entrepreneurial media?? If you said yes to any of these, then we’ve got the event for you!

Thinkific and XayLi Barclay are hosting the third annual ‘Think in Color’ 2021 summit, featuring 15+ amazing female digital entrepreneurs and women of color. This FREE, virtual series will be kicking off on July 27, and will be made up of talks and workshops designed to help you create, market, and sell your own digital content.

What is Think In Color?

This two day virtual event will run from July 27-28, with the aim of equipping you with the tools you need to succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape. If that’s not exciting enough, we’ve lined up a speaker line-up made up entirely of women of color, who will be sharing their insights and personal stories on how they created, marketed, and scaled online courses and digital product-based businesses. 

What was the idea behind Think In Color?

This annual event is rooted in the pursuit of driving forward diversity and inclusion within online spaces by featuring traditionally underrepresented entrepreneurssuch as women, people of color, people with disabilities, and the LBGTQ2SA+ communityand giving them a platform to not only share their experiences, but their expertise. 

“I remember going full-time in my online business and being excited about the journey ahead. But the people in the online business space at that time didn’t look like me at all,” says XayLi Barclay, online course creator and Think In Color host. “I needed to see people who represented my experience and struggles, and learn how to break through barriers to become successful,” Xayli adds. She knew the possibility was there, but felt that there were so many women of color in the online space who were working hard, doing well, but not being represented in the major spaces. 

In other words, their stories just weren’t being told like everyone else’s. 

In 2019, she approached Thinkific with an idea to host a conference that amplified the voices of successful, but underrepresented entrepreneurs. “We hosted the first Think In Color and knew immediately that our summit was giving these women the confidence and inspiration they needed to start their businesses,” explains XayLi. 

Who will be speaking on the Think In Color panel?

Thinkific’s Think In Color 2021 Summit will feature a diverse panel of inspirational and keynote speakers including:

  • Tonya Rapley – Tonya is a highly sought after entrepreneur and consultant. She created the award-winning site, in 2013, catapulting her to the forefront as a nationally recognized millennial money expert. Shortly after, she was deemed the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine and was also recognized as a “Modern Day History Maker” by TV One.
  • Gloria Atanmo – Gloria (Glo) is the travel blogger, author, and digital storyteller at Glo is an online educator and content creator who has landed multiple features in Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Conde Nast, Essence, Buzzfeed and more, for her approach to building a business as a lifestyle entrepreneur.
  • Saloni Srivastava – Saloni is the founder of HustlePost Academy, India’s biggest online-only side-hustle school. She’s also a self-development influencer with over 400,000 followers across her social media platforms.

To view the entire list of speakers, visit the Think In Color event page.

What topics will Think In Color cover?

Learning from people who have been in your shoes can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Think In Color will offer real-life business tips and tricks, particularly as they relate to getting your online business off the ground. Connect with a community of entrepreneurs as we cover the following topics: 

  • How to turn a niche skill into a thriving business
  • How to create magnetic membership communities where members stay and engage
  • How to position yourself as the go-to voice in an industry
  • How course creators can build strong communities around their content
  • How to create impactful content to make your brand stand out
  • How to create digital products that generate recurring revenue
  • Marketing strategies to grow your audience

Why should I attend Think In Color?

There’s a reason this event has gone on three years in a row — it rocks! In fact, Think In Color’s 2020 Summit actually won Adweek’s Campaign of the Year in the Lead Generation category. “I learned so much at Think In Color,” says Herty Zon, a 2020 Summit attendee. “Like the importance of having a strong personal brand, how to own my voice and be confident speaking, to be confident on video, and so much more about different aspects of business. It was extremely valuable, and it honestly exceeded my expectations!” 

Another attendee, Chelsea Elliott, agreed: “I learned that there is a large community of like-minded women who are all excited to learn from each other, and that we have many options for different ways to use our courses to make money and live the life of our dreams.”

At Think In Color, you won’t just be attending an event. You’ll be joining an inclusive community of entrepreneurs united in a common goal: to learn from others as you grow your online business in a global climate that’s always changing. Everyone is welcome to attend, no matter how you identify. 

How to join

Ready to network and learn from the best of the best when it comes to actional strategies for your online business? Here’s what to do!

  1. Click here to register and attend this event for free
  2. Join our private Facebook community (available to ALL Think In Color registrants), simply click here and you’ll be all set to network with other attendees

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