Evil has unfortunately become a predominant force in the present society. The current social situation can be considered similar to a survival game where only the mighty come out on top. People have become so constantly exposed to acts of unlawful means and aggression that they now consider it normal.

Things that should be utterly abolished and looked down upon have become normalized in this supposedly advanced society. If one were to step out and scream for help, there would be an alarming shortage of helping figures coming forward to support the needy.

If seen from a broader perspective, one can speculate this current world is a lost cause. However, there are still individuals left in this world that give people hope for the future. One great example of a person doing all he can through the power vocation to bring about a positive change in society is a notable podcaster, Shane L. Waters.

Nowadays, people can witness foul and evil acts of terror that can easily become a shaming ordeal for any legal system. Legal systems on some accords have failed their residents by not providing the security of their well-being. Not all people have become numb to human affections and are ignorant of the suffering of others.

It has been observed that even after there are many witnesses to a crime, none come forward to testify against the culprits. This is often because of the lack of compassion, but on many occasions, this is because of the fear of the corrupt forces sunken deep into the masses. People are afraid to speak the truth in fear of the culprits coming back to inflict harm on them.

In a society where the fear of the forces of evil is greater than the influence of justice upholding forces, it is an utter failure for the justice system. Stating the truth with no constraints and without any hindsight to what will happen to the person requires a heart that is true to the cause.

Voicing out the truth against the unlawful acts of people is something not many can do. Shane L. Waters is a person that has always used all of the means in his range to voice out the realities of this society with no restraints. He uses all the mediums available to him to fight for the justice of those who did not receive it.

Shane L. Waters was born in Muncie, Indiana, on 20th June 1989. From early times, Waters has had a curious mind that went past juvenile curiosity. He had a passion for unearthing the truth behind the phenomenon he did not understand in society.

Growing up, Waters came face to face with the realities of the world, and the vile shape humans could take. Being of a brave demeanor from the start, Waters wanted a way to be of better assistance to the helpless society.

For this reason, he decided to pursue the field of Forensic Psychology to understand how the inner mind of a culprit worked. He started his studies in Forensic Psychology at the Indiana Purdue University, Indianapolis, in 2008.

Becoming more exposed to the extents of corrupt acts taking place in this going unknown and ignored. Waters decided to become an investigative crime journalist who would allow him to use his words to expose the masses to the heinous crimes happening under their noses.

After spending some time professionally engrossed in crime-related information, Waters understood his current efforts to voice out the truth of this society were not enough. From the beginning, he had an active imagination that improved his way with his words.

After spending some time as a journalist, he now had groomed a talent in carrying out an engaging conversation with his audience. He decided to leverage his talents of words and knowledge of society’s underbelly to start a podcast that could allure all that wanted to indulge in the truth. He founded a media company called Arc Light media based in Wabash, Indiana.

After gathering a team of similar justice-driven individuals, he started the podcast foul play. In this podcast, he discussed the different causes of animosity and cruelty that had happened. His main goal with this podcast was to bring to attention not only these acts of violence but also the aftermath of such crimes. After a crime of murder, the majority of the people mourn the victim’s death for some time, and then the case dies down.

Seldom is it noticed what must be felt and experienced most close to the victims? The loved ones are as much of a victim as the murder victim. People do not tend to think about what consequences the people closest to the victim have had or will have to face in the future.

One of the most notable seasons of this podcast was ‘The Maps,’ which started airing in 2020. This season followed the crimes committed by the infamous murderers Wesley Shermantine and Loen Herzog in 1980. They both belonged to Linden, California, and were the reason for death for over 60 tormented souls in a span of 15 years.

Waters shed some light on how these individuals became such defiling miscreants with a cruel mind. They both had a history of physical and mental abuse from their family, which contributed greatly to the monster they later became.

Waters also started two different podcasts that discussed slightly similar topics called “Hometown History” and “It’s Frightful.”All three of his podcasts have received phenomenal feedback from their audience, which ranges in the millions.

Waters’ efforts are all eared to fighting for the weak and ultimately awarding them the justice they deserve. Many would suppose him to be ignorant of the potential danger he put himself. However, Waters thinks of life as unworthy of living if spent in fear of what is wrong.

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