“Slayed Em” – a Song by J Supreme Tha Feen

J Supreme Tha Feen new song, Slayed’Em is a song for the ages. It is a song that shows the versatility, presence, confidence and demeanor of the artist. It is a song that is definitely going to keep listeners bumping their heads for a very long time.

The song is an uptempo mellow sound that judiciously makes use of musical instruments thereby giving pleasant sounds to a very keen ear. As it is a song meant for every age, it would not be totally surprising to find it among the Billboard 200 as it has established itself as a true song for all demography

Already, the song has garnered over 200,000 streams on Spotify. It is also a song for all occasions —birthdays, nightclubs, radio stations etc. 

J Supreme showed his vocal prowess in what makes the song, SLAYED’EM unique, and a breath of fresh air in the already saturated musical industry.

According to one of the listeners of the song, the song is one of the best he has had in a recent while. He says he listens to the song at every opportunity he gets and he would advise that more people get to listen to the song.

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