Sorare Secures Huge Deal with the EPL


Sorare, the revolutionary fantasy sports game, has partnered with the English Premier League (EPL) in a four-year deal. This licensing partnership marks another big step forwards with mainstream attention towards NFT technology. 

The EPL is the biggest and most popular of all soccer leagues in the world, generating the highest revenue of any it’s counterparts by raking in over $7.1 billion in 2022 alone, making it the 4th richest sports league in the world. Meanwhile, Sorare has previously signed various sports clubs and organizations to their platform and were valued at a staggering $4.3 billion in September of last year.

What Is Sorare?

Sorare is a fantasy sports game where players buy, sell and trade virtual teams with digital player cards. The concept has been likened to traditional draft/dream team competition formats, but with a much deeper level of involvement – and with the additional feature of blockchain technology being the foundation on which it is built.

The use of blockchain technology (based on Ethereum) ensures that the limited number of digital cards have provable scarcity, as each player card is represented as an NFT.

Sorare already has 3 million users worldwide and is backed by megastars such as World Cup 2022 winner, Leo Messi, along with his nemesis in that classic final, fellow PSG striker, Kylian Mbappe. Chief Executive of the EPL, Richard Masters, recognizes the shift in the air with both the culture of sports fandom and emerging technology, as demonstrated by his statement on the deal:

“The way that supporters follow their favourite teams and players is evolving and the Premier League is always looking for ways to engage with fans. Sorare’s digital cards and innovative online game represent a new way for them to feel closer to the Premier League whether they are watching in the stadium or from around the world.”

the Future of Sports and NFTs

No doubt, this is a savvy move by the EPL, but it’s a huge coup for Sorare who will be capitalizing on the increased interest in soccer since the World Cup ended in December. Sorare’s Co-Founder, Nicolas Julia, is equally optimistic, stating the EPL partnership is “something we’ve dreamt of since we founded the business.”

The potential for sports players, clubs and associations to enhance fan experiences via NFTs and blockchain technology seems to be something which is slowly creeping into the mainstream consciousness.

Cristiano Ronaldo recently partnered with Binance to release his own personal NFT collection, with holders being able to benefit from exclusive content and perks from holding variable rarities of the supply. For clubs and associations, it’s been a long standing thought that ticketing will soon become digitized  – with NFTs being the perfect solution to the currently archaic system.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo join the Blockchain

By all rights, Sorare and its fantasy game could fall under the umbrella of crypto gaming. With the potential reach that this could deal could attain, this can only be a good thing for spreading awareness of our own favorite crypto games looking to make their mark in 2023.

These two powerhouses coming together certainly looks like a match made in heaven!

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