Start Your Day with Healthy Breakfast Bars

At the beginning of the day, you have your only opportunity to set the tone and mood for the day. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, end up missing breakfast and your morning caffeine, wake up a little too late, whatever happens, to throw your morning out of whack, it will trickle into the rest of your day. 

So why not try getting your day off to a great start with a breakfast bar, one of the easiest and healthy breakfast ideas.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

We’ve all heard it before, but have we ever really listened well enough? Probably not. Fueling your body in the morning isn’t something that you should consider overlooking when planning out the beginning of your day. 

As much as many of us think it’s not a big deal to skip breakfast,  it’s your first opportunity to set the vibe for how your day will go. So you have to make sure you’re getting some food into your body before you go about your daily activities. Something to make sure you can power through those first hours before you get that lunch break.

Healthy Breakfast is Even Better

Okay, so we have gone over the importance of eating breakfast in general, but what should you look for if you want more from your breakfast? For some more high-quality fuel to put in your body, avoid the sugar-loaded donuts and muffins, and try to find a healthier breakfast.

Balance is critical when it comes to breakfast foods. You’re going to want to go for something that has a healthy balance of carbs, fats, and most importantly, proteins. Protein is what keeps you fuller for longer, whereas carbs burn through fast in your system. Both working together make for a breakfast that will provide reliable and sustainable energy to carry you through your morning.

Breakfasts with all-natural ingredients (like fruits, grains, things you can pronounce or recognize as real foods) are going to be better for you in the long run. This goes for all meals you eat, but breakfast, in particular, is a great time to set a precedent here. Eating a healthy breakfast can prevent poor food decisions and curb cravings.

Healthy and Satisfying can be Easy and Tasty.

So, a healthy, balanced breakfast is the goal. But who has the time to make, I don’t know, an entire egg white omelet and whole-grain toast every morning? 

If you’re like many of us, a big reason you end up skipping breakfast is how much extra time it takes to put in. We’re not all exactly morning people, so finding anything that can let us press snooze just one more time can be the difference between eating breakfast and not eating breakfast.

Why the Bar is Better

Enter: the perfect quick, simple, healthy breakfast solution: an all-natural breakfast bar. Made with easily recognizable ingredients that are great on their own, a breakfast bar made by Over Easy foods could be what you’ve been needing. With whole fruits, nuts, oats, and cage-free egg whites, a breakfast bar like this has all the good stuff you want and need and none of the things you don’t. 

Add more healthful ingredients to your morning and leave behind fake flavors, refined sugars, soy, dairy, and even gluten. With flavors for every palette, like a banana nut and peanut butter, a healthy breakfast bar can be the first of many vital steps you take today.

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