Steven Dorn Is the All-Encompassing Investor, Entrepreneur for this Generation

Steven Dorn is the All-Encompassing Investor, Entrepreneur for this Generation

Steven Dorn is unlike any serial entrepreneur; Dorn is able to distinguish himself from other lifelong entrepreneurs and investors precisely because he is also the quintessential modern cultural curator. Dorn invests every waking second of his day engaging with and learning about new movements, projects, people, ideas, companies, et cetera in all of the industries that interest him (music, entertainment, film, basketball). This is why it should come as no surprise that the young maverick has left his imprint on a great amount of culturally relevant endeavors over the course of the last few years.

Dorn’s secret to success is a mix of hard grit, unconventional style, and incredible people skills. Dorn knows that while data is very important, ultimately business gets done by people and one needs to relate on a human level in order to be successful and utilize their network effectively. Dorn is an avid proponent of doubling down on doing what you love; this is why he spends so much time starting new business ventures. While many traditional entrepreneurs may say he spreads himself thin, Dorn believes that by involving himself in many different entrepreneurial and investment opportunities across various industries, he is putting himself in the best position to be energized by his work as well as make valuable, unique connections.

Dorn’s impressive career not only spans across multiple industries, but it spans across some of the most culturally significant and popular spaces. Dorn gained the bulk of his experience, as well as the bulk of his success, in the music industry. Of course, as the savvy entrepreneur he is, Dorn quickly started using his cultural cachet in music to help him branch out and amplify his presence in other industries.

Starting out as a talent scout, making use of his country-wide network and social media skills, Dorn hit the ground running. Dorn Founded XYZ Media, a music management and VC firm, recently featured in Forbes highlighting their innovative work. XYZ Media made a name for themselves by identifying and developing up-and-coming musical talent as well as by consulting for athletes, celebrities, and high-net worth traditional businesspeople. Dorn and XYZ Media discovered as well as nurtured the careers of Grammy-nominated R&B star Bryson Tiller and international act Yo Trane just to name a couple.

Dorn puts a premium on being able to identify talent as well as sign that talent as soon as possible. Dorn knows that his XYZ Media team can provide immediate value to any artist’s career and that it is very important to strike while the iron is hot, while an artist is gaining momentum, online or in person. Especially since the onset of the pandemic, Dorn and his team have been providing support as well unique solutions for their artists and other talent.

Dorn has been able to find success with XYZ Media as well as with his endeavors into entertainment, film, and sports because of his unconventional style and networking skills. XYZ Media is extremely unique partially for never developing any marketing material. Dorn, who has the luxury of trading on his already successful brand and name, realized that the best way to find the most qualified artists — as well as avoid chasing trends — is to rely on word-of-mouth and authentic relationships, a bet many are not willing to take. Of course, Dorn’s smart use of partnerships over the years has allowed him.

With the advent of the internet, many amateurs are trying to get into the business on both the talent as well as the management sides, which Dorn supports. However, in order to make sure Dorn is presenting himself in the best light as well as finding meaningful artists with a creative vision, Dorn decided to emphasize an old-school, and mysterious, approach to marketing and networking. By developing and sticking to his own unique niche, Dorn and XYZ media have found unparalleled success in a short period of time.

Of course, with Dorn’s guidance, all of his artists, as well as other ventures, are adapting to these unconventional times and thriving nonetheless. Dorn and his Couch King Productions recently launched a docu-series, “Tiger Kingdom’‘ that both capitalizes on the existing popularity of Netflix’s original docu-series as well as emphasizes the truth about the positive work Doc Antle and others are doing. The docu-series generating an early buzz amongst publications such as People, Elite Daily, and more.

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