Storiyaan: Stories of the Ordinary

Intending to bring out unheard stories of the common people, a group of students started Storiyaan- a storytelling venture. Storiyaan is a team of 25 storytellers who bring to the world stories of people from different walks of life.

The CEO of Storiyaan, Divya Maurya, a 20-year -old media student, says,” Why do we only read interviews of people who are perceived to be successful or are believed to have achieved a feat in their lives. But the question is, aren’t all of us successful in our very own unique ways?” With this thought in mind, Divya aims to capture stories and bytes from the life of the common man.

Nothing comes easy, and this venture had its share of troubles as well, but it bounced back stronger than ever. Along with interviewing the commoners, Storiyaan is also known to feature renowned celebrities like Kaneez Surka, Aparshakti Khurrana, Bhavya Gandhi, and has an appreciation post by actor Sonu Sood and singer Shaan.

Speaking about her struggles with anxiety and depression, Divya voices,” I am vocal about being on medication for generalised anxiety disorder and acute depression, and I have made a point to make mental health a priority for all the interns working at Storiyaan. I don’t hesitate on giving them breaks for self-care and mental health.”

It’s not a common sight to find a 20-year-old going after her passion of telling stories and establishing a successful venture out of it. “Mom always narrates real-life success stories of ordinary middle-class people that she had known at some point of time, and this always happens over a cup of Chai. Storiyaan took its root from here, and I decided to bringforth these stories to life and portray them online through Storiyaan,” adds Divya Maurya who considers her mother as her strength and backbone.

With a follower base of 19k on Instagram, this platform has won the hearts of many by bringing stories of the ordinary. Having different departments ranging from Content to PR to Social Media to Marketing, the team leaves no stone unturned to work up-to-the expectations of its clients. With many more milestones to achieve, Storiyaan will continue to be a platform that lends an ear to anyone who has a story to share!

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