Strategy and Confidence is Key for Serial Entrepreneur Stafford Schlitt

The art of true entrepreneurship lies in ascertaining growth trends in emerging markets, as well as having the right strategy to execute a goal. A real entrepreneur can be successful in various sectors that may be in polar ends of the spectrum. Stafford Schlitt has mastered this with numerous fruitful ventures, all in very different sectors. His marketing and hospitality background, as well as creating brand awareness was a focal point for his first venture, Fade2Fit.

Schlitt noticed the overwhelming reaction of many notable celebrities via various social media platforms, mainly through the use of hashtags such as #bodygoals, and other fitness related hashtags. This was spurred by the stunning performance of Teyana Taylor in Kanye West’s music video “Fade.” The music video was simple, yet very provoking, as Taylor danced in an empty gym, displaying her impeccable body. This was even more inspirational to consumers and celebrities alike as Taylor just had a child, and still managed to blow people away with her flawless figure. Schlitt saw an opportunity, and, in collaboration with Taylor, created an online fitness platform, Fade2Fit. The platform was so successful that Schlitt created a clothing line, stemming from the Fade2Fit brand.

“Before I jump into trends, I know the barrier to entry, the competition, and I am always confident in my sourcing.”

As the cryptocurrency revolution was taking place, Schlitt saw another opportunity to use his diverse skill set, he created a bitcoin mining facility in Oklahoma, which he later sold to a publicly traded company. From fitness to crytpo, Schlitt decided to immerse himself in the emerging market of CBD. He created a cutting-edge brand using the properties of CBD to cure joint aches and muscle pains. He leveraged his influential network of celebrity fitness trainers and applied his marketing talents to create another prosperous venture. Most noteworthy, CBD is marketed by physicians and other companies to help with cancer and various other severe diseases. However, it has been largely known to the public that CBD is not effective in treating these ailments, as compared to standard medical care and treatment. Nevertheless, Schlitt was able to find properties in CBD that actually worked, and helped people ranging from a typical workout enthusiast, to older people in their 60s. He even lowered the price of his product during COVID to make it more affordable and to show that his product actually worked and was effective.

Now, Schlitt has immersed himself in helping people deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, a tremendous undertaking where he is sure to be triumphant, leaning on his experience and influential team members.

“I believe in my ability to build a strong and thoughtful team, and to pivot whenever needed. Confidence is key, and a strong supporting cast is always needed.”

He has launched a hand sanitizer company called FRSH hands, and although fairly new to the market, it is already a top selling hand sanitizer at Walmart. Schlitt saw how many companies jumped on this emerging market, and saw how many of them failed because they could not provide quality, their efforts were a futile money grab. Schlitt decided to do things differently, with a proprietary microbial blend and FDA registration, FRSH hands is made of proper ingredients and has an option of ethyl alcohol, as well as isopropyl alcohol. There is no fragrance or odor and the consumer is left feeling fresh and safe. The topical spray is effective for 8 hours, just like the big brands like GermX and Purell. However, Schlitt’s branding is what sets it apart. It has a very appealing logo with a green colored cross, and the name FRSH jumps off the bottle as it resonates with consumers, as well as building consumer confidence in the brand. Schlitt conducted a thorough survey, with many participants stating that green was much easier on the eyes, and the cross logo made them feel assured and a sense of safety. Also, what sets FRSH Hands apart is upcoming their line for women, which will be more of a lotion and eradicate the stickiness that often comes after using hand sanitizer. Schlitt plans on growing FRSH Hands and adding a sanitizer dispenser that is often seen prior to entering facilities.

FRSH Hands is sure to take a large chunk of the market away from the big brands, and grow in velocity in retail.  Schlitt lives by the motto of mind over matter, and his confidence, planning, and cohesive team execution is what makes him and his endeavors as successful as they are. Look out for FRSH Hands, they are here to stay. Make sure to follow them on Instagram @Frshhands and visit their website for more information.

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